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The Customer Show | COVID-19 Update

By: Customer Show Team

The Chief Customer Office Challenge

By: The Team

Organisational structures are becoming more complex, with more teams and channels to coordinate when delivering the customer experience.

The Customer Show: COVID-19 Update

By: The Team

Despite recent global developments with COVID-19, based on guidance from the Australian Government Department of Health and NSW Health, the risk to individuals here in Australia remains low and The Customer Show will continue as planned from 12 - 13 August, 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf, VIC

How to Improve Agent Engagement in the Contact Centre

By: Dawn Cronogue

Changes over time, combined with economic uncertainty, customers are placing greater importance on trust and ease of doing business with an organization. However, it is key for advisors to form and emotional connection with customers to be true, authentic brand ambassadors. Most research suggests that a customer’s attitude towards an organisation, their experience of doing business with them and their buying choices, are significantly influenced by the encounters and experiences they have with the employees.

If an employee is disengaged and doesn’t have a quality employee experience you can be sure that will come through in their interactions with your customers.

Customer Experience Metrics Checklist


Customer experience metrics have revealed what customers truly think about some of the experiences they have received from a brand. Each metric quantifies a certain perspective, the most popular being customer satisfaction (CSAT) and likelihood of recommending (the Net Promoter Score – NPS.)

In order to survive in this new decade, it is essential that modern organizations have a measurement system network that has true visibility on how their customers perceive the brand. Here, CX Network presents a checklist to embed into customer metrics strategies to help them capture perspectives and provide the needed guidance to ensure customer loyalty.