Australia’s Biggest Gathering Across The Entire Customer Experience Ecosystem

As we enter a new decade of business transformation, customer experience leaders are facing their biggest challenge yet … how to unite the entire organisation and deliver on your customer promise every single time. For many companies, their internal processes has undergone significant change. Roles continue to evolve, pivot and expand, with new teams created every day to cater to shifts in customer expectations.

That being said, we are far from a universal consensus on how we can have every level of our organisation speak with the one brand voice.

Chief Customer Officers, GMs, Directors and Managers are each looking to reassess their CX delivery models, re-design experiences and become more human-centric in their digital and CX capabilities.

With this in mind, we’re excited to launch Customer Show 2020, which will connect the entire CX ecosystem together and delve into the challenges and solutions CX leaders can employ today.

Due to the disruptive wave we've experienced this year, Customer Show 2020 will be delivered 100% online, with the physical show set to kick off next year in 2021! Are you ready to check out what we have planned in October?

Sessions to look out for!

•    Bringing the Full CX Journey Together at LEGO: Working from the Goal Backwards to Determine the Key Ingredients that Will Make True CX Happen

•    Employee Experience and Continuous Development Programs: Keeping Your Teams Engaged in a Constantly Disrupted Environment 

•    AI and CX at Heathrow Airport: The Balance between Human and Digital in Disrupting Traditional Models of CX 

•    Conversational AI in Action: Where Technology and Customer Journeys Meet in Your CX Delivery 

The Virtual Experience: How it Works 

Day 1: Morning Sessions
Main plenary sessions will be held via our ON24 Platform where you can interact with speaker via Q&A, Polls, & Discussions

Day 2: All Day Sessions
Returning for Day 2, you will receive a new link to join the event and remain on the platform for the rest of the day.

Day 2: Afternoon Sessions
This invite-only session will be held after lunch. We will break out into separate virtual discussion groups led by subject matter experts. You will log in via Zoom

Meet Some of Your 2020 Customer Show Speakers

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