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Australia’s Biggest Gathering Across The Entire Customer Experience Ecosystem

For many companies in Australia, their internal organisational structure has undergone significant change over the last few years in a response to the on-demand culture customers have come to expect.

We've seen a board-level commitment with the appointment of Chief Customer Officers stepping up to the plate. There's also been a host of new roles created as companies expand into more digital and data-driven experiences.  

But despite this, Forbes reports around $75 billion is lost every year on a poor customer service experience globally.
With the need for more complex customer experience models, there remains a real risk of losing control – and we all know that it just takes one breakdown in the customer journey to result in a lost customer altogether. 

So, how do you put the building blocks in place to ensure you're entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to customer experience success?

Join over 1000 of your peers as the Customer Show 2022 brings every area of the customer community together for the FIRST TIME to solve exactly that!

3 Cutting Edge Conference Rooms

Join 3 of our most cutting edge conferences as you gain a full picture of the journey you need for true customer success!

We’ll be unleashing the biggest disruptors in CX strategy and game-changing initiatives to win the customer every time!

From there we’ll uncover how human-centred design is revolutionising product, service and digital processes

Last but nope, not least, we’ll look to the future evolution of contact centre strategy, operations and disruptive innovation!

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The Customer Show is the only exhibition event in Australia that will host the entire customer ecosystem under one roof!

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Turning concepts on their head and making every experience memorable, join us at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) as we transport you to a world of customer possibilities and world class service experience

With over 1000+ of your peers joining, come for two days of solutions that will answer EVERYTHING you dreamed to solve around customer journeys and experiences.

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