Tim Maillet

Deputy Director, Strategic Marketing & Student Recruitment University of Technology Sydney

Driving customer retention from investing in identifying customer pain points

Conference Day Two: Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

11:00 AM CASE STUDY: Enhancing The Fan Experience Through Journey Mapping, Before The Ribbon Is Cut for 30,000 Spectators.

Venues NSW is the owner, coordinator and promoter of a portfolio of publicly owned sports and entertainment venues in NSW. It raises revenue through commercial activities such as hiring venues to sports and entertainment organisations, event ticketing, hospitality and catering. Kristin Haynes will discuss how they identified the key areas of focus to enhance the fan experience before the opening of Bankwest Stadium in 2019 as well as the on-going program for each of their venues including an insight into the new Stadium Australia experience when the doors reopen in 2023.

  • Identify, through research and data, where the fan experience is lacking and how to improve it.
  • Understand the “real” pain points and develop initiatives tailored to each venue.
  • The on-going role of journey mapping and personas to ensure the right areas of focus.


11:30 AM CASE STUDY: Exploring How UTS Increased Their Domestic Post-Graduate Enrolments Through Journey Mapping Techniques and Leveraging Existing Data to Identify the Personal Needs of Current and Future Students.

With over 46,000 students, University of Technology Sydney has become one of Australia’s highest performing universities since its establishment in 1988. In order to attract new students, ease the process of enrolment, and retain students into post-graduate courses, UTS has transformed their processes to ensure that their services are user friendly, digitised and meet the personal needs of each student. Tim Maillet will present on how he has lead faculty marketing and future student recruitment teams to adopt a 21st century approach to CX.

  • Evangelising faculties to strategise new approaches to course development and delivery with flexibility, innovation and necessity to attract prospective students.
  • Developing online and short course programs to accommodate post-graduate studies, and utilising CX insights to understand areas of prioritised investment and development.
  • Utilising journey-mapping techniques to understand where prospective students are dropping off and where personalised enrolment could otherwise retain them.


12:00 PM CASE STUDY: Analysing Customer Journey Data to Map Out Your Customers Experiences and Identify The Pain Points and Opportunities Throughout Their Journeys.

761,000 workers across Construction, Building and other allied industries are members of Cbus Super Fund, making it the industry’s largest superannuation fund. This has driven the organisation to improve its experience design for their growing customer base; in order to not only provide a superior product, but also a superior service and experience that gains the trust of employers and members across Australia. Monique Bate will discuss their development process to improve their CX and how they identified opportunities to become more customer focused, through data and analytics.

  • Experimenting with digital platform enabling software that relays realtime customer data and identifies areas of improvement and success.
  • Through research and development, understanding how to utilise customer data to advance processes, across CX channels.
  • Based off pain point identification, creating a foundation of strategies that will overcome and prioritise investment in areas, which require improvement.


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