Michelle Yanez-Olivares

Head of Customer Experience Accent Group

Hybrid Day Two: Thursday, 20 May 2021

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

3:40 PM CX at Accent Group: Ensuring the Retail Floor and Corporate Head Office Interact through the Same Customer-Led Mindset

The 2020 pandemic forced many retailers to expand their digital services and saw more people embrace the convenience of online shopping. This, however, was not as easy behind the scenes as it seemed.

Michelle Yanez, Head of CX at Accent Group, will illustrate her team’s journey over the past 18 months in digitising their online stores, as well as getting company buy-in on the value of CX – both within head office as well as on retail floors.

  • Implementing virtual retail in a historically brick and mortar store environment to cater to changes in customer buying behaviours
  • Applying new digital tools such as livechat in order to support changes within the workforce Driving advocacy through word of mouth and social media to increase your share of wallet
  • Going from strategy design to implementation: how to ensure you’re set to deliver your 2021/22 strategy on time