Luke Garrett

GM of Customer Experience & Innovation Uniting Care Queensland

Conference Day One: Monday, 21st September 2020

Monday, September 21st, 2020

1:30 PM CASE STUDY: Redefining the stages of ageing: How deep empathy can enrich traditional approaches to segmentation and personas in the Aged Care sector.

As one of the Nation’s largest Aged Care providers across Residential, Community, and Retirement Living, Uniting Care Queensland has a rich relationship and deep understanding of Ageing Australians. In addition, although Customer Experience practices are new to the sector, UCQ has a team of 10 dedicated to improving the experiences we provide to the tens of thousands of Queenslanders we support. Luke Garrett, GM Customer Experience and Innovation will present on:

  • Using empathy and creativity to enrich segmentation models and personas
  • How segmentation can guide service design and redesign efforts
  • How continued critical analysis of their segments is leading the team to redefine the stages of ageing.


2:00 PM CASE STUDY: Ensuring That Everyone In An Organization Knows They Are Not Just Working But Making a Difference.

Being a small bank of 30,000 customers and 60 employees, Gateway has the advantage of providing a more personalised service. They like to think of themselves as a microbrewery of banking, but without the dodgy moustaches. Gateway believe customer experience is the biggest economic asset a company can have and culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Ex CCO and now CEO of Gateway, Lexi Airey will present on how she and her team developed programs that enhance the workplace through mutual understanding.

  • Re-creating the organization’s values, moving customer centricity to a new level
  • Not work but making a difference: ensuring everyone knows their impact on each other and the customer within the business
  • Word of mouth: recognizing, measuring and promoting this as the most valuable channel, but one that doesn’t exist without good customer experience


2:30 PM Putting the Spotlight on Understanding the Direct Correlation Between Customers and Employees From a Local Government Lens.

Lake Macquarie City Council has moved from a traditional emphasis on assets and services to treating customer and employee experiences as two sides of the same coin. This journey offers insights into cultural transformation that are transferrable to any diversified organisation aiming to put customers at the heart of its activities.

  • Examine how Lake Macquarie City Council is empowering employees to step up and make better decisions about all aspects of their work and how this is improving customer experiences across the organisation
  • Explore the Council’s ‘learning by doing’ approach to moving from customer experience rhetoric to a proactive, selfsustaining customer-focused workforce
  • Review what worked, what didn’t and how iterative learning helped redefine cultural transformation activities


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Luke.

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