John Rizzo

Director of Accelerated Growth – Customer and Strategy Bupa Australia & New Zealand

Conference Day One: Monday, 21st September 2020

Monday, September 21st, 2020

9:40 AM CASE STUDY: Understanding How Your Organisational System Can Affect The Success of Your Data-Led Customer Strategy, And How Utilising Data Insights Can Enhance Your Operational Environment.

In the wake of the Royal Commission, companies like Bupa, have had to re-think their customer strategies, turning to data assets to understand the behaviour of their customers, across all their operational environments. Providing healthcare to over 14.5 million people in clinics and hospitals, and having over 15.5 million health insurance customers, Bupa has been busy re-inventing their customer experience strategies, starting internally.

This presentation from John Rizzo, will share insights into how the unintended consequences of your organisational system – including organisational design, culture, planning processes, and governance mechanisms – can accelerate or undermine the success of your data-led customer strategy.

  • Utilising Customer data insights and analytics to determine where Bupa’s organisational structure requires improvements.
  • Re-designing the culture, planning processes and governance mechanisms to create a more customer-centric operating environment.
  • Recognising the importance of re-designing the cultural environment of your organisation, in order to drive future proof, customer ready services.

Conference Day Two: Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

1:30 PM CASE STUDY: Developing A CX Lab and CX Leadership Capabilities Focused on Human Centered Design Dedicated to Improving Nine’s CX Processes.

Nine is Australia’s largest locally owned media company with investments spanning television, on-demand video, print, digital, and radio. Nine is accountable to providing media services to millions of Australians across the country and with this, comes responsibility to respond to customer requests and enquiries with care, experience and efficiency. Rich Rose will present on how Nine has developed a human centered design lab which works towards innovating and implementing CX practices which delivers an experience throughout all touchpoints across Nine’s organisation.

  • Aligning all business units within the organisation with the same CX values and ensure CX practices are looking through a customer focused lens.
  • Consistently innovating CX practices to ensure the organisation meets customer expectations and one-step ahead, through focusing practices around human behaviour and customer data.
  • Developing a physical space where Nine can design trials and research, based off data, and initiate programs across the organisation.


2:00 PM CASE STUDY: Changing the Interaction Landscape With Accor Plus’s 185,000 Members By Developing An Omni-Channel Platform.

As a membership based service that offers exclusive accommodation and dining rewards to over 800 hotels, 1100 restaurants in 18 countries, Accor Plus is accountable to the experience their members have, particularly in regards to retaining members and gaining new ones. Christopher Douglas will discuss how Accor Plus has re-designed their member experience by working on an Omni Channel project that will change their interaction with members and enhance membership engagement.

  • Accumulating and managing CX data resources more efficiently to create accurate and real-time CX insights.
  • Diversifying channels of communication with smarter channel resource management.
  • Evaluating the channels that need prioritised investment through identifying CX pain points.


2:30 PM Developing A Strong Digital Foundation Within Your Organisation In Order to Adapt to 21st Century Customers.

Foxtel currently has around 2.9 million subscribers across Australia, providing pay for television services. Operating cable and direct broadcast satellite television, Foxtel has experienced in recent year’s first-hand the disruption that online TV & film subscription services such as Netflix, Stan and Hayu have had on the broadcast television industry. Jason Smith will present on how Foxtel have used the customer data and information, to combat the disruptions and work with the competitors to maintain competitiveness in the market.

  • Understanding the market and investing in technology solutions that re-invent your organisations approach to CX platforms, developing channels that adopt a digital approach.
  • Strengthening customer data analytics to guide real-time decisions, creating a view of the customer that addresses their movements and assist with predicting service needs.
  • Enhancing content management practices, through understanding customer data, in order to create a seamless digital environment across CX channels that address customers personally.


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