Jean-Luc Ambrosi

Executive General Manager Marketing and Digital TelstraSuper

Hybrid Day One: Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

2:20 PM Balancing Personalisation with Digital Transformation: Maintaining Brand USP at TelstraSuper to Drive High Customer Retention and Business Efficiency

Jean-Luc Ambrosi, Executive General Manager of Marketing and Digital at TelstraSuper, sees technology as a critical component in the creation of a fully integrated CX strategy.

Having undertaken their digital transformation over the past 4 years, the team have worked to introduce a personalised communication strategy through the public and secure website as well as outbound communication. This has included the creation of separate destinations based by customer profile.

Learn how TelstraSuper continue to pinpoint the full member journey, understanding pain points and where the team can add more value for members.

  • Reinventing your customer strategy during times of disruption to ensure your brand USP remains consistent
  • Using microdata points to follow different customer pathways and drive multivariate attribution across marketing and CX channels
  • Determining the correct multi-analysis and data measurements to uncover which journeys convert to the highest level of profitability and customer attrition