The CX 2020 Predictions Report has landed!

The CX 2020 Predictions Report has landed!

By: Miki Gaddes


You better take a seat because we have CX touchdown!

Did you know that for the first time, 2019 saw brands finally begin to appreciate that customer loyalty is not a right, rather accepted it as customer earnings on a continuous basis?!

Maybe it's mission not-impossible after all!

On that note, I'm pleased to share with you this 16 page report pulled together by the Global CX Network. Presenting insights from a research group of senior CX practitioners on the elements that are shaping customer expectations for 2020 - the CX Predictions report begins with an examination of the industry’s progression in 2019 so you to benchmark your own progress against your CX peers. It covers topics such as:

• Businesses with the strongest retention rates will empower employees to react to feedback with agility

• The micro-moment will grow in importance as it becomes a prime factor in customer churn

• CX expectations will soar as brands begin to master personalization at scale

With the largest and longest running Customer Experience Management Summit running in just a few months, you can be sure to explore these topics in more depth - with case studies from local and international CX leaders. Take a look at the latest program here.

Have a great day fellow CX-er, and happy reading!