Workshops: Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

Workshop One

9:00 am - 11:30 am Innovating Digitised Customer Engagement Practices That Uses Customer Data To Personalise Information and Enhance CX Practices Across All CX Platforms.

Martin Kamphav - Global Head of Customer Experience, H&M - Sweden

The H&M Group is one of the world’s leading fashion companies having expanded their reach in the past few years with now around 5,000 stores in over 50 countries. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, H&M are constantly looking into new innovative strategies to retain and gain customers in order to grow their brand and reputation as a leading fashion retailer. In 2018, H&M ranked 2nd in the UK in the Retail Week Indicator, which assesses ranks retailers based off marketing, logistics and customer services, cross-channel and e-commerce. Ranking 2nd behind Amazon, H&M has innovated new tools that engage customers, and offer a seamless shopping experience online and offline. In this workshop, Martin Kamphav will break down H&M’s processes to creating a seamless CX environment and discuss how they have utilised 21st century technology to innovate customer engagement practices.

  • Understanding the individual customer journey and triggering personalised communication with the customer, incorporating their behavior, motivations and interactions based off data.
  • Examining the solutions market for technology that can assist with innovating CX processes that personalise customer/organisation contact.
  • Implementing new digital CX processes that focus specifically on engaging customers through selfservice tools that maximise and enhance customer/ organisation touch points.

Martin Kamphav

Global Head of Customer Experience
H&M - Sweden

Workshop Two

12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy That Will Culturally Transform Your Organisation To Adopt Innovative CX Practice, In A Complex Operational Environment.

Walter Li - Head of Insights, Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific regularly performs amongst the best airlines in the world. Based out of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific internationally employs over 30,000 people and operationally functions passenger and cargo services to over 200 destinations across Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and Africa. This workshop will break down for attendees how to strategically strategise methods to restructure your operational environment and prioritise CX implementation across all business units, with particular discussion on doing so in a complex operational environment.

  • Installing a strong CX culture and values within the training processes to ensure that employees are receiving an education that emphasises strong CX practices and adheres to your organisations CX values.
  • Utilising data to Identify priorities for the organisation and how to strategically invest time and money in areas that will uplift CX capabilities across your organisation.
  • Responsibly managing the implementation and roll out of research, experimentation and aligning data to a technological point of view, whilst also ensuring employees are adapting and understanding the necessity for cultural transformation.

Walter Li

Head of Insights
Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong

Workshop Three

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Sustaining Market Relevance and Competitiveness Through Developing An Understanding of Your Customer Data In Order to Create A Frictionless Experience At All Touchpoints.

This workshop will break down the steps to understand customers data through behavioral analytics and insights, to create a frictionless experience that can be distributed across the entire business, and remain competitive in the market.

  • Identifying pain points in the CX journey through journey mapping tools that highlight areas that require prioritizing and investment.
  • Understanding customer data and how to use it effectively, in order to improve your organisations CX platforms.
  • Utilising customer data, generated from journey mapping tools and CX measurements, to develop a strategy and services that will create a frictionless experience for customers.