Post-Conference Workshops: Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Workshops A

11:00 am - 1:00 pm How to Establish and Embed Human Centred Design Across the Organisation to Reduce Siloes and Improve Customer Offerings

Susan Parkes - Group Manager Customer Central, Auckland Transport
Companies in every industry are trying to find new sources of value through innovating their customer product and experience. Often these efforts have not translated into enough market impact and growth. What is needed is something bolder and more disruptive, but still very simple. Human Centered Design (HCD) represents a new way of life for business. It provides many of the attributes of a startup: creativity, speed, bias for action, flexibility with risk, and radical collaboration. To achieve these results from HCD though, it is necessary to break down long-established internal barriers to put HCD at the heart of the business. This workshop will provide a guide for embedding HCD into the organization to achieve business goals.

What you will learn:
  • Establishing a HCD Centre of Excellence to provide multi- program design governance
  • Utilising the Centre of Excellence as a cost savings measure by managing shared design assets and research findings
  • Bringing the entire organization along for the HCD journey by building a product ownership committee which sit across the organization
  • Developing a cultural change program which unites the end to end customer journey with HCD in business goals


Susan Parkes

Group Manager Customer Central
Auckland Transport

Workshops B

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Creating a High Quality Customer Experience Through Every Touch Point

Raed Moukaram - Executive Director, Member and Market Insights, USAA
Increasing touch points for customers have significantly increased the complexity of delivering a consistent, high quality customer experience. Gone are the days of having to provide consistency across just email and telephone channels. With the introduction of additional channels like live chat, chatbot, apps, in app messaging, Facebook the challenge is in coordinating each of these services to provide what the customer needs, with an experience that delights, every time.

This workshop is an opportunity to benefit from the insight of Raed Moukarem, Executive Director- Member and Market Insights at USAA. We invite you to share with us beforehand, your biggest challenges in delivering a high quality Omnichannel experience, Raed will be tailoring this workshop around your biggest collective pain points.

What you will learn:
  • How to drill down into what your customers require from each channel
  • How to create a culture of service, which permeates across all channels
  • How to simplify management of the omnichannel environment
  • Tips for creating better services


Raed Moukaram

Executive Director, Member and Market Insights

Workshops C

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Unlocking the Power of VOC Data to Integrate Continuous Improvement of Organisation and Customer Experience

Katrina Schiedemeyer - Voice of Customer Leader, Oshkosh Corporation
Voice of Customer data often reveals endless opportunities to improve your customer’s experience. However, it can be difficult to transform these endless amounts of data to actionable insights. At Eloquium, Effective use of the Voice of Customer Program coupled with a personalized Customer Experience has resulted in increased customer retention and a reduction in claims.

During this workshop you will:
  • Learn how to identify the top initiatives your organization should focus on
  • Create an actionable project charter to begin your strategic projects
  • Identify key process improvements to ensure your customer has a great experience

During the workshop, participants will be taught an overview of the integration between Continuous Improvement and Customer Experience. After the overview, participants will walk through a process to identify their top improvement initiatives. Finally, participants will create a project charter to walk out the door with. This charter will be a start to their projects so they can begin improvements immediately.


Katrina Schiedemeyer

Voice of Customer Leader
Oshkosh Corporation