The Telecoms IQ Touch

If you’re still undecided on whether to sign up or not, this is our promise to you. Here at Telecoms IQ, we make this promise for each and every event we run. And we never make a promise we can’t keep.

It’s called having the Telecoms IQ Touch

What we will deliver
  • Cutting edge, informative first-hand case studies from Director, VP and C-level speakers from world-renowned telecoms operators
  • An agenda that has been developed in consultation with 20 of your peers – our focus is solely on covering the topics YOU want to learn about, and ensuring our events are created by telecoms operators, for telecoms operators
  • Opportunities to network with our vendor partners, who have been cross-checked with our speaker faculty and/or advisory board to ensure they really are best-of-breed providers who can help you address your current challenge
  • A dedicated pre-conference focus day with dynamic workshops on the topics chosen by YOU
  • A unique and innovative programme structure to break the monotony of Powerpoint presentations – participate in speed networking sessions, interactive discussion groups, ideaPitches and much more!