Interactive Presentation: Digitalising Your Customer Touchpoints

Digital solutions now play an important role in the customer experience and many companies are currently investing in tools to further digitise their customer journey, through tech such as artificial intelligence, mobile apps and chatbots. This interactive presentation will take you through several key customer touchpoints and how each touchpoint has been created or enhanced through the introduction of digital elements and what this means for the overall customer experience.

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    Key points covered include:

    • How mobile apps can provide customers with a variety of options and why they should be accessible at all times
    • The rise of online support apps, and how they assist telecom companies to entice new customers and also retain their existing markets by providing the service they require at all times
    • Why telecom companies should be simplifying and unifying their customer data 
    • How customer touchpoints will drive new digital tools for telecom companies
    • Discover which platforms need to be implemented to shape the future of customer interactions in the telecoms sector


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