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In highly-penetrated and mature markets, it is imperative that operators gain a 360 view of customer needs in order to deliver the seamless omni-channel experiences that the modern customer demands.

  • Is the integration of multiple channels and touch points proving a challenge for your organisation?
  • Are you struggling to make that leap from reactive to predictive customer experience management?
  • Would you like to know how your peers from across Europe, the US and beyond have already solved these challenges and more?

Well you're in luck!

At the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit, benefit from an analytics-specific stream on Day 2 and find out how Orange are exploiting their customers' data to proactively enhance the experience of their customer base. In addition, take advantage of sessions from Swisscom and Telenor in the brand new multichannel design stream on Day 1 to determine how to develop seamless omni-channel processes and ensure continued customer satisfaction

Plus, if you are responsible for driving engagement and revenues from the business, rather than the consumer market, there’s a dedicated work stream on Day 2 for you too! Hear from the Corporate CEO of Turk Telekom how to build a customer experience framework based around what really matters to your business customers, and discover how South Africa’s Internet Solutions have built a client-centric segmentation model to personalise the experience they provide to their customers.

Oh and don’t forget about our Thames boat tour where you will finally relax with a glass of wine after a busy Day 1 in a truly international networking experience with some fantastic views of London.

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