Applying & Integrating CEM in Telecoms


To stay relevant in today’s saturated telecoms market, operators are looking towards customer experience (CX) as a key differentiator. Through CX initiatives, telecoms operators stand to push back against the rampant churn that has characterised the telecoms sector over the past decade, by shifting the onus from customer acquisition to customer retention.

However, the lack of alignment between different business functions and different business stakeholders will increase the difficulty of funding CX projects, while also complicating the ability to realise the investments.

Customers want consistent CX across all the organisations they interact with, and if telecoms firms do not meet their expectations, CX standards set by other verticals will only cause customers to leave and find these experiences elsewhere.

Challenges in adopting new technology

As mentioned in a session at the 2020 CEM Global Summit, the theory ‘build-it and they will come’ doesn’t always apply to digital CX initiatives. Telecoms firms that see success drive their customers to adopt new digital tools by using a carrot and stick approach in equal measure. These brands incentivise customers to comply with the change (carrot) and provide drawbacks for going against the change (stick). 

Another prominent issue faced by telecom businesses is achieving the required budget to access new CX technologies. In our 2020 Telecoms CEM Investment Trends eBook, we gathered a research group of CX experts and practitioners in the telecoms industry and asked them to identify the top obstacles blocking CX investments for the next year: 80 per cent selected demonstrating ROI.

Save your CX from fragmentation 

Telecoms stand to benefit from digital transformation and CX initiatives, but there remains lingering hesitancy which is borne from departmental misalignment. When it comes to adopting CX initiatives, many organisations face the challenge of balancing organisational resources.

This echoes the insights shared within our 2020 CEM Investment Trends eBook, with 40 per cent of our group of CX experts and practitioners choosing integration into company culture and process as one of their top three investment challenges.

Share your CX expertise to the global community

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global summit brings together senior representatives from the world’s leading Telecom operators and empower them to maximise engagement and satisfaction with their customers.

Our attendees are fully aware that developing a seamless CX journey is now vital to remaining competitive and ensuring customer engagement, loyalty, retention and profitability in an age of emerging and disruptive newcomers redefining telecom standard.

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