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Do these 5 things to elevate your brand and prepare for 5G

You may not compare your brand with the likes of Amazon or Costco, but your customers do when thinking about the quality of experience your brand serves up. Experience is the new competitive edge. Competing on experience is even more important with the disruption of 5G and new business models, markets and services. Do these five things to elevate your brand in the 5G era.

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Applying & Integrating CEM in Telecoms

To stay relevant in today’s saturated telecoms market, operators are looking towards customer experience (CX) as a key differentiator. Through CX initiatives, telecoms operators stand to push back against the rampant churn that has characterised the telecoms sector over the past decade, by shifting the onus from customer acquisition to customer retention.

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Beyond the Frontline

Ahead of the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit 2020CX Network caught up with Rolf Adamson, the Senior Vice President of YouSee to discuss empowering frontline staff and building strong business processes to enhance your CX strategies. 

In order for telecoms companies to provide a memorable customer experience, changes are needed in both the organisation's underlying customer processes and the way employees work on the frontline. Focusing too much on the front-end experience without building strong back-end processes to support this, means that the customer experience is unlikely to be consistent and sustainable. This blog outlines the main catalysts in tackling the difference between customer experience and customer service, which is critical for the telecoms sector to understand.

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Telecoms CEM Trends 2020

In this Blog, we hear from a panel of telecoms customer experience professionals discussing how telecoms firms are investing into customer experience to achieve long-lasting business benefits.

The industry is witnessing rapid investments into Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Customer Experience and Multichannel/Omnichannel usability, in order to tackle the seamless end-to-end experience that customers are now demanding from their telecom providers. Our CX practitioners also highlight the importance of Customer Billing and how to prevent points of friction, while also covering the latest developments in Customer Integration. 

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