CEM Global Telecom Award Winners

Huge congratulations to our winners of the CEM Global Telecom Awards! 

Best-in-class Customer Marketing Campaign:

  • Smarty - “The SMARTYer way to launch a new telecoms brand” - WINNER
  • Turkcell – “International Route Optimisation”

Best-in-class Example of ROI:

  • Turkcell – “Retail Store Evaluation” - WINNER
  • Koodoo – “Transforming our End to End customer service model leveraging AI”

Best-in-class Employee Engagement Programme:

  • Sure International – “Customer Service Centre Transformation Through People Programme” - WINNER
  • Vodafone – “Leveraging digital to create a world-class employee experience”

Best-in-class Personalisation Case Study:

  • China Mobile Zhejiang – “Mobile Video Intelligence Personalized Recommended Engine” - WINNER
  • A1 Telekom – “Handset recommendation model” 

Best-in-class Customer Engagement Tool:

  • Celcom Axiata – “Social Media Experience (smEX) Hub” - WINNER
  • Hutchinson 3G – “Vibes – Real Time customer sentiment analysis"

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