Maplewave: How To Bring 184 Telco Omnichannel Journeys Within Reach

Maplewave: How To Bring 184 Telco Omnichannel Journeys Within Reach

What’s the single most important change telcos can make to increase their profits and customer satisfaction? Implement an omnichannel experience.

The flexibility of using both physical and digital channels is critical for modern customers, as many telcos fall short when offering limited journeys and only traditional interactions. Telco market leaders are now engaging customers through advanced and more convenient experiences. By investing in an omnichannel-enabled platform, telcos can give customers a true Transact Anywhere experience, putting customers at the centre of their interaction, and providing a fluid flexibility to move between various touchpoints during transactions.

Read these insights from Maplewave as this report explores 9 main types of omnichannel journeys, considering the different start points, fulfillment methods and collection points, resulting in 184 possible journey variations.

View this practical and insightful guide to examine:

  • How a single-front-end platform gives customers a flexible ‘Transact Anywhere’ experience.
  • How Maplewave’s omnichannel maturity model brings 184 customer journeys within reach.
  • The unique benefits of Maplewave’s platform approach.

Explore more insights from Maplewave, who we are proud to be partnering with ahead of the 2021 CEM in Telecoms Global Summit, here:

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