Applying and Integrating Customer Experience in Telecoms

Applying and Integrating Customer Experience in Telecoms

To stay relevant in today’s saturated telecoms market, operators are looking towards customer experience (CX) as a key differentiator. Through CX initiatives, telecoms operators stand to push back against the rampant churn that has characterised the telecoms sector over the past decade, by shifting the onus from customer acquisition to customer retention. However, the lack of alignment between different business functions and different business stakeholders will increase the difficulty of funding CX projects, while also complicating the ability to realise the investments.

The CX Network spoke with a series of telecom experts who provides insights for successfully integrating CX initiatives into the DNA of a telecoms company.

Download the full ebook to discover the latest technological disruptors, such as AI, Chatbots, Messaging Services, and Big Data Analytics to give your teams the expertise and confidence to transform your operating model.

Other key benefits to downloading the ebook:

  • How CX has moved from being about competitive edge to survival imperative in telecoms
  • Why telecoms firms are struggling to adopt new digital CX initiatives and steps to achieve success
  • How telecoms firms can improve the alignment between different business functions

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