CEM in Telecoms Global Summit 2021: Driving positive change through exceptional customer experience

This year, telecoms operators have been at the forefront of disruption as unprecedented technological, social, economic and healthcare concerns have hit businesses across all continents. Globally, such crises and mass concerns have a profound impact on customers, notably their changing needs and behaviours. On a daily basis, CX telecoms leaders are asking and assessing business critical questions on how best to cope with shifts in customer needs, how to gain visibility and harness data effectively and how to overcome new and unforeseen customer pain-points that surface due to recent and ongoing events.
It’s for this reason that the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit will be returning and moving online, on 19-20 January 2021, bringing together the world’s leading CX Telecoms professionals to share best practice strategies at a time more critical than ever for the industry. Join us as we tackle key challenges such as the ongoing battle with digitalisation, the shift towards data culture, how to deliver consistent CX across multiple touchpoints, strengthening service culture and ultimately, how to deliver world-beating customer experiences.

Free-to-attend for telecoms operators and led by industry thought leaders, this interactive, online platform provides tailored networking and the opportunity for frank, unfiltered discussion with your CX Telecoms peers at a time when we need it most.

Welcoming Our 2021 Telecoms Speakers

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Why Should You Join Us?

Learn how to benchmark the latest technological disruptors, such as AI, Chatbots, Messaging Services, and Big Data Analytics to give your teams the expertise and confidence to fully engage with your customers

Gain an advantage over the competition with your organisation's service culture transformation and learn how to close the gap between technological advancements and CX employee development

Overhaul and transform your operating model – hear from organisations, who have revolutionised their offerings to attract new customers, whilst better serving their existing customer base

Learn what strategies to onboard, and what to avoid, with no-nonsense case studies and use these principles to strengthen your chances of greater investment in digitalisation for 2021 and beyond

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