19 - 20 November, 2019
Shanghai, China
Jacky He | 何骏杰, AI & Automation Lead 人工智能与自动化主管 at Mars Global Service 玛氏全球共享服务中心

Jacky He | 何骏杰

AI & Automation Lead 人工智能与自动化主管
Mars Global Service 玛氏全球共享服务中心

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Agenda Day 2 峰会第二天v

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Post Summit Workshops | THURSDAY

1:00 PM Workshop D: Digitising Processes and Operations to Improve Customer Journeys 实现流程和业务操作数字化,改善客户体验

·         Developing a customer-centric digitisation roadmap
·         Evaluating what to digitise and automate for agile operations and service delivery
·         Streamlining customer processes for greater customer convenience and satisfaction along the customer journey
·         Realising the real value of digitisation in customer experience management