19 - 20 November, 2019
Shanghai, China

Media Partners - Customer Experience China Summit 2018

To become our media partner, please contact Flora.Li@iqpc.com.sg.

Media Partners

APAC CIOoutlook
Website: http://www.apacciooutlook.com

APAC CIOoutlook is a print magazine that aims to provide a platform for CIOs, CTOs and other senior level IT buyers and decision makers along with CXOs of solution providers to share their experiences, wisdom and advice with enterprise IT community of APAC countries. We promote our unique ‘learn from... Read More

Website: http://www.vmarketing.cn/

《成功营销》杂志创刊于2000年,隶属于香港上市传媒集团——财讯传媒(SEEC)Media Group Limited(股票编号00205),是中国最具全球视野和国际影响力的主流媒体运营商。《成功营销》是创新营销平台、新媒介价值的发现者和传播者;也是经典营销案例和营销精英的发现者和传播者。作为中国最资深的高端营销杂志,《成功营销》的“营销胜案”和“营销人物”已经成为中国营销经典案例和中国营销精英的最佳传播舞台,在市场营销圈拥有巨大影响力。 Read More

Website: https://www.huodongjia.com/

活动家(成都云数海量智能科技有限公司)——专业的商务会议查询、报名、票务营销平台;为用户提供各行业全面的会议信息查询及一站式购票服务;为主办方提供永久的免费活动发布、 会议营销推广、会后舆情报告、会议嘉宾邀约等服务;活动家值得信赖的会议营销第三方平台。 Read More

CX Network
Website: http://www.cxnetwork.com

At the CX Network you can share ideas, best practice and solutions for those in the market who have the greatest customer experience and management challenges. Through online offerings you can ensure your brand is exposed to high level decision makers who have a need for solutions like yours. We... Read More