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Rear the Article - Filling in the blanks – Using data to differentiate your CX

There’s still a big gap between what companies actually know about their customers and what those customers expect them to know. Accordingly, the race to unlock a fuller, more holistic understanding of the customer is actually a race to fully leverage your own data before the competition unlocks theirs.

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请阅读 - 2020年亚太地区客户体验管理市场报告

亚太地区的客户体验管理在过去几年中取得了很大进展,这种增长将持续下去。 在2020年亚太地区的报告中,我们将了解亚太地区的客户体验从业者如何应对其品牌所处的不断变化的环境。报告重点包括:

  • 行业运营
  • 最重要的战略投资重点
  • CEM解决方案年度预算
  • 当前的挑战


Read the 2020 Market Report - Customer Experience Management In Asia-Pacific

Customers in Asia-Pacific region have seen a lot of progression over the last few years and this growth is set to continue. In this APAC report, we look at how customer experience practitioners within APAC are responding to the evolving environment their brands exist in. Report highlights:

  • Industries operations
  • Top strategic investment priorities
  • Annual Budget for CEM Solutions
  • Current Challenges
  • and more...

Read the article - Humanizing Customer Experience In A Digital Age

In this report we examine Humanizing CX. How businesses must not lose focus on the power of human elements to influence purchasing decisions but also how technology can aid the human input through tools such as empathy mapping and sentiment analysis. Download now to find out how you can create a true blended augmented approach for your future CX strategy and customer engagement.

Read the Article - Implementing AI and RPA Technology to Improve Efficency and CX

Research from IBM suggests that an amount in the region of $1 trillion is spent on 265 billion customer service calls each year. Despite great technological strides and innovations being made in the contact centre industry, billions of these calls end in an unsatisfactory manner, with an estimated 50% of them going entirely unresolved. The contact centre industry is ready to take the same technological innovations that are already transforming other sectors including retail, finance, travel and many others, and deliver the kind of seamless customer service that today’s digitally literate and discerning consumer market deserves. 

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View 2017-2018 Attendee List - Customer Experience China Summit

Check out who attended in the past two years. 


Download the Article - Translating Brand Promise Into Customer Experience

Big brands need to “stand for something in consumer’s minds and hearts.”

“If a good brand is a promise, then a great brand is a promise kept” - Muhtar Kent, Chairman of Coca-Cola

There is a pressure on big brands to fulfil their promises to consumers. How do they translate their brand promise into an incredible customer experience? 

Download the Article - Best In-Class: Building an effective customer experience framework

We talk with industry experts disrupting the CX space on how they are developing and executing their strategies.

Download to find out

  • How do other execute their NPS or customer journey mapping
  • Why are customer KPIs a better method? 

And more!

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  • 净推动系统(NPS)
  • 客户旅程映射
  • 关键绩效指标

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Download the Article - Three Ways to Deliver Great Customer Experience

Getting customer experience right can be exhausting. The market is fluid and ever-changing with customers being more demanding. But successful customer experience can lead to additional revenue as customers return and transition to brand advocates. Whilst there are many aspects to building fantastic customer experience, we’ve picked three key areas of investment for your strategy as well as some ideas for implementation.  

请下载阅读 - 3种提供卓越客 户体验的方法

提供让人满意的客户体验可能会让人筋疲力尽。市场瞬息变化,充满不确定性,客户的要 求越来越高。但是,随着客户再次光临并且转化成品牌拥护者,成功的客户体验可以带来 额外收入。虽然在构建绝佳客户体验方面有许多方法,但我们为

您的战略选择了三个重要 投资领域以及一些实施的思路。

2017 Customer Experience Management China Summit Post Show Report

Download the 2017 Post Show Report to see who attended our summit last year, and how they were feeling about it.