CX Asia Excellence Awards - Submit Your Application

Best Customer Experience Award (Apply Now) - The Best Customer Experience Award celebrates and promotes the highest level of customer experience across Asia. This Award will honor and recognise organisations that promote an exceptional end-to-end customer experience by putting their customers at the heart of every process, people and technology. 

Best Customer Experience Team (Apply Now) - This award recognises the group of individuals who have provided interactive and friendly customer service through face-to-face and different touch points to create excellent customer experience. In addition, service encounter, service culture, team spirit, product knowledge, and customer service best practices will be taken into consideration. 

Best Contact Centre (Apply Now) - This award recognises and promotes Contact Centres that utilise innovative methods, metrics and ideas to provide quality support to their customers with strong business performance. Judges will consider each submission based on the demonstrable utilisation of the core and advanced principles of effective contact centre management, regardless of the size of the center. Internal management of the Contact Centre, creative staff incentive programs and telemarketing strategies will also be taken into consideration. 

Best Social Media Experience (Apply Now) - This award recognises organisations who are utilising social media as a strategic channel for excellent customer interaction, engagement, service support, marketing and sales promotion leading to a seamless end-to-end omni-channel customer experience. Judges will consider their contributions in improving customer satisfaction, brand or product awareness, and customer loyalty in the social media community. In addition, response time, self-services, knowledge management and use of social media application and smart phones will also be taken into consideration in marketing impact, usability, scalability, and viral nature of their social media program. 

Best Digital Experience (Apply Now) - This award recognises the delivery of exceptional customer experience in various digital channels and touchpoints. The Best Digital Experience Awards provides a vehicle for sharing best practices in engaging tech-savvy consumers through the strategic alignment of a company’s digital strategy with marketing and innovative digital technologies. 

Best Use of CX Technology (Apply Now) - This award recognises companies who have made the best use of technologies as a core strategy in their commitment to elevate the overall system efficiency, resources management and Customer Service quality. In addition, connectivity and harmonisation of these technologies will also be taken into consideration. 

Best Employee Engagement (Apply Now) - This award recognises companies that demonstrates the most compelling and holistic approach to their workforce engagement strategy. The submission needs to provide evidence that their strategies proved successful in making their employees more fulfilled in their work by providing methods and metrics used to measure their ROI. 

Best Brand Experience (Apply Now) – This award recognises companies that demonstrate innovative and consumer-centric marketing strategies that have created an incredible customer experience contributing to improved brand relationships. 

Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Award (Apply Now) – This award recognises any type of vendor (software company, research firm, consultant, etc.) that has significantly helped their clients in delivering great customer experience. 

Best CX Personality (Apply Now) – This award recognises a Customer Experience Professional who has played a critical role in ensuring exceptional customer experience and consistent service delivery across channels, “bringing the customer” into decisions across the company, encouraging employee engagement, and implementing CX methodologies to translate customer experience into tangible business outcomes in the organisation. You may nominate a maximum of two individuals from your organisation who fits the above criteria. Once announced, all finalists will need to submit a short video clip that showcases the nominees exceptional contribution in CX.

Best Omni-Channel Experience (Apply Now) –This award recognises companies’ achievements in the delivery of a seamless Omni-channel CX strategy which demonstrates a clear understanding of the customer journey and best practices on optimising the customer’s interactions on preferred channels.

Best Use of Mobile (Apply Now) – This award focuses on the program that highlights meaningful engagement with consumers using a mobile platform. Entrants must demonstrate innovativeness and effective use of mobile channels including, but not limited to, QR codes, apps, games, location-based services and mobile web marketing.