CX Awards - The Award Categories

The Excellence Awards are established around seven categories which showcase the core competencies of customer experience.

1) Best Customer Experience Award
The Best Customer Experience Award celebrates and promotes the highest level of customer experience across Asia. Awards will honor and recognise organisations that promote an exceptional end-to-end customer experience by putting their customers at the heart of every process, people and technology.Download application form

2) Best Customer Experience Team
This award recognises the group of individuals who have provided interactive and friendly customer service through face-to-face and different touch points to create excellent customer experience. In addition, service encounter, service culture, team spirit, product knowledge, and customer service best practices will be taken into consideration.Download application form

3) Best Contact Centre
This award recognises and promotes Contact Centers that utilise innovative methods, metrics and ideas to provide quality support to their customers with strong business performance. Judges will consider each submission based on the demonstrable understanding and utilisation of the core and advanced principles of effective contact center management, regardless of the size of the center. Internal management of the Contact Center, creative staff incentive programs and telemarketing strategies will also be taken into consideration. Download application form

4) Best Social Media Strategy
This award recognises organisations who are utilizing social media as a strategic channel for excellent customer interaction, engagement, service support, marketing and sales promotion leading to a seamless end-to-end omni-channel customer experience. Judges will consider their contributions in improving customer satisfaction, brand or product awareness, and customer loyalty in the social media community. In addition, response time, self-services, knowledge management and use of social media application and smart phones will also be taken into consideration in marketing impact, usability, scalability, and viral nature of their social media program. Download application form

5) Best Digital Experience
This award recognises the delivery of an exceptional customer experience through digital media and channels. Best Digital Experience Awards provide a vehicle for sharing best practice in digital customer experience and for promoting continuous improvement, learning and personal development.Download application form

6) Best use of CEM Technology
This award recognises companies who have made the best use of technologies as a core strategy of their commitment to elevate the overall system efficiency, resources management and Customer Service quality. In addition, connectivity and harmonization of these technologies will also be taken into consideration. Download application form

7) Best Employee Engagement
This award recognises companies that demonstrates the most compelling and holistic approach to their workforce engagement strategy. The submission needs to provide evidence that their strategies proved successful in making their employees more fulfilled in their work by providing methods and metrics used to measure their ROI. Download application form

We encourage applications that demonstrate "excellence achieved" — i.e., success as a result of your CEM operations. The applications process has been designed to be as simple as possible. It does not require weeks of research and writing — but a good description of what you and your team have achieved in support of customer centricity. Applications are via a word document. Feel free to include photos, images, videos, and any other material that supports your application. It's your opportunity to shine a spotlight on your team.