Pre-Conference Workshops

Reinvent customer experience through your customers' lens! Leverage lean design yo uncover real pain points and drive business growth by delivering engagement that resonates and insights that fuel innovations. 
  • Utilising lean design approach to tackle customer's problem
  • Utilising lean design to discover different customer behaviours and pain-points
  • Uncovering improvement opportunities and ideas through design exercise
  • Testing ideas through user research
  • Developing processes to analyse and measure data onto channel/product/service improvement 

Chong Yao Long

Principal Experience Designer
SP Digital


Rebecca Ng

Experience Researcher
SP Digital

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12:30 pm - 3:00 pm Workshop B: Driving a Customer-Centric Transformation

Vaughn van Bosch - Head of Digital, Celcom Axiata Berhad
How can you truly instil a customer-centric culture across your employees and stakeholders? Join this workshop to explore strategies that work – from getting boardroom buy-in to developing the right trainings and rewards to embed customer-centricity.
·         Prioritising customer centricity in the boardroom and demonstrating ROI
·         Creating internal awareness on the importance of customer-centricity
·         Developing structural trainings to develop the right mindset and behaviour
·        Assessing outcomes and devising customer-centric incentives to and empower and inspire

Vaughn van Bosch

Head of Digital
Celcom Axiata Berhad

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3:30 pm - 6:00 pm Workshop C: Chatbot: From Planning, Development, Implementation to Execution

Anila Fredericks - Head of Customer Service Operations, Telstra
Chatbot is no doubt the next most important tool in driving positive digital customer interactions. Are you looking to win in the chatbot game? This session is designed for organisations that are looking to  fast-track their chatbot initiatives and increase project ROI.
·         Defining scope of chatbot project and mapping out implementation timelines and targets
·         Establishing key features and functionalities in chatbot design
·         Fast-tracking pilot to commercialisation: Tracking progress and evaluating outcomes for improvements
·         Leveraging market data and feedbacks to improve chatbot

Anila Fredericks

Head of Customer Service Operations

Supplement your CX knowledge with our handpicked