Interview: Jorge Mascarenhas, Head of O2, Telefonica

Jorge talks to the Exchange about the impact that Gurus have on O2’s customer strategy. Jorge also shares the impact of propositions like these and how do to create a business case around something experiential such as the Guru strategy.

Interview: Kjell-Morten Johnsen, Head of Telenor Europe & Broad Member at Vimpelcom Telenor

In this thought provoking interview, Kjell-Morten discusses the importance of customer centricity from the board perspective, together with the impact digital is playing in the future of customer experience.

Interview with Fabrice Andre, SVP Quality & CSR, Orange

The Customer Management Exchange team sat down with Fabrice to discuss how Orange are currently leveraging their customer strategy as a catalyst for growth, the key elements to a customer strategy that builds customers loyalty whilst minimising churn and how Orange build emotional engagement with it’s customers. 

Interview: Rohini Mehra, Director of Channel Operations, Three

Rohini talks about the importance of delivering service at the contact centre and how insight driven strategies are key to sharpening your initiatives for success.

Putting The Customer In The Drivers’ Seat

Over the past few years there has been a huge shift towards putting the customer in the drivers’ seat when it comes to developing your customer service strategy. Discovering what your customers’ expectations are and how to quickly resolve their issues is a top priority for telecoms professionals, but what is the best method to uncover this information? Rohini Mehra, the Director of Channel Operations at Hutchison 3 revealed exclusive insights into how her team have put the customer at the heart of their thinking, with tremendous success. Watch her presentation to find out how they have transformed their customer satisfaction results by engaging the customer in their customer roadmap.