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[Report] Customer behaviour and attitudes in telco buying decisions Revealed!

A NEW report based on original research carried out by Conversity, examining the habits of consumers when shopping for telco products and accompanying services like broadband and TV packages. We dig deep into the mindset of consumers of varying ages, demographics and income brackets, establishing what you can do as a business to support each customer in making the right purchase and nail those all-important upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

This is what you can expect to see in the report:

  •     Know their habits – learn more about how often consumers buy new phones or telco services, how they do their research and why they switch providers
  •     Right time, right place – how long do customers take, how many providers do they consider and what is their preferred channel?
  •     Cracking the cross-sell – work out what you can do to sell related products and services more frequently
  •     Go on, seal the deal – what is important to customers in helping them make a final decision?
  •     Personalise, optimise, maximise – how the human touch is far from dead in the telco customer experience
  •     Enter IGS – how intelligent guided selling can play a leading role in improving personalisation and empowering staff to do their jobs more effectively

[REPORT] Being Human – The Importance of Real Time Relevance for Customers Online

When it comes to shopping online, the biggest difficulty most retailers and brands face is trying to inject the personality, efficiency and brilliance of their best offering in-store, including product merchandising and advisor led guidance which has frequently taken years of time and money, into the sphere of their digital channels.

This brand new report from Conversity –Intelligent Guided Selling experts, examines why it is no longer enough for retailers and brands to try and humanize their online presence, rather why ‘being human’ and considering customer mindset is the only surefire way to ensure growth and customer loyalty. 

What is the Future of CX in Telecoms

89% of consumers are willing to switch providers as a result of a poor experience (Forrester).
With the ever changing and increasing demands of the customer, delivering an excellent customer experience strategy is becoming harder than it’s ever been. Customers have more and more control over how they choose to interact with their telecom provider. With emerging technologies and solutions influencing and shaping the telecoms industry like never before… who holds the key to a great CX strategy that can not only build, but also grow the business?

The Telecoms Customer: 2018 Report

2018 has been a big year for the Telecoms industry. Increasingly fierce competition, mergers & acquisitions and some of the largest fines ever from regulators means that delivering a consistent customer experience is now more important than ever to remain relevant in a busy market. 

Focusing on The Challenge of Churn; The Digital Evolution; Insight & Analytics; this exclusive report features the thoughts of some of the industry’s biggest brands including EE, Deutsche Telecoms, eir, Three, Telefonica and many more. A must read!

Telecoms Report CX Investments

This exclusive report created by the Customer Experience Exchange for Telecoms is a definitive guide to the top challenges, projects and biggest investment priorities shaping the 2019 strategies of Customer Experience, Services, Digital and Operation Leaders from across the telecom industries. A MUST READ!