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Virtual CX Telecoms Exchange Post Event Report 2020

In the absence of face-to-face meetings due to the current global climate, we understand the increased need for alternative solutions to foster knowledge-sharing and relationship-building. So in July 2020 we were delighted to provide a platform for CX leaders across the telecommunications space to connect, share best practice and gain access to some pioneering thought leadership at this time of dislocation.

On 6th – 7th July, our Virtual Exchange welcomed 50+ senior CX executives from some of the UK and Europe’s leading telcos, along with a hand-selected group of solution providers for two days packed full of networking, idea-sharing and one-to-one business meetings.

Intent HQ: The CX Ultimatum For Telcos And CSPs

We know that the golden nugget of customer insights is buried deep in your network - but it's hard to get. Telcos are on a race to create better experiences for customers because 'the truth is, as a telco, your customer might not love you, but they do love the things you make possible.' What if you can hyper-personalise at scale and create better experiences, by using insights surfaced from your own data in your network? This eBook discusses the network data opportunity that Telcos have yet to leverage and why they should. A new innovative approach, the use of Network data needs to be done in a privacy-safe way, made possible by a Customer Intelligence Platform.

IQPC Exchange Sponsorship Inventory Pack

The IQPC Exchange Sponsorship Inventory Pack is a simple and informative guide to the opportunities available across the Exchange event portfolio. Whether you are keen to explore how we can help you generate new business or how you can increase brand awareness; download your pack today and find out how our tailored event packages can ensure your brand is in front of new customers and ahead of your competitors.

Glassbox: Digital Transformation in the Telco Industry

The digital revolution is disrupting industries across the world, including the telecommunications sector. To be a successful digital innovator, now more than ever, telcos need to completely reimagine their operational best practices and push the boundaries of personalized experiences to drive transformation. Learn about the challenges telcos are facing today, and take away key strategies for driving innovation and adapting to the next-generation of digital opportunities.

CSG Report: Field Service Management in the Age of Coronavirus

With so many stakeholders impacted in the realm of field service, being able to put a clear adapt-and-response strategy in place will be integral to maintaining day-to-day operations. It is the businesses that have this clearly executed who will be able to continue to maintain revenue and meet KPIs.

Download this report to help manage uncertainty, changing operating needs and technological advancements during Covid-19. The report also includes a case study on the advantages of CSG Visual Connect, CSG’s interactive visual support offering.

[Infographic] 2019 INVESTMENT PRIORITIES: CX professionals' Top Challenges Revealed!

Based on in-depth research with customer experience decision makers from top European brands within the Telecoms space, we have discovered where these executives are looking to invest over the next 12 months. We have created the Customer Experience in Telecoms Investment Priorities 2019 infographic for you ahead of the Customer Experience Exchange for Telecoms (29 - 30 April, Hilton Syon Park).

Download the Solution Provider Information Pack

Take a look at the Solution Provider Information Pack to understand more about the partnership opportunities available at the Telco Exchange. 

Download the Agenda

Download the 2019 agenda for the Customer Experience Exchange for Telecoms and find out what the top telecoms providers in Europe are prioritizing in their Customer Experience endeavors.

The Challenge of Customer Culture Transformation

It used to be enough for telecom operators to just monitor and manage network quality. Now, as the wireless operator space continuously hits new heights of competitiveness and customer churn can make or break a quarterly financial report, customer experience management has taken centre stage.

A Minute With Richard Shenton - Virgin Media Business

We recently spoke to Richard Shenton Head of Customer Experience Strategy and Continuous Improvement at Virgin Media Business to get his insight on CX Telecoms related questions.

Download the 2019 Agenda

Download the 2019 agenda for the Customer Experience Exchange for Telecoms and find out what the top telecoms providers in Europe are prioritizing in their Customer Experience endeavors.

[Exclusive Whitepaper] Intent HQ Customer First Transformation: How To Overcome The Three Biggest Barrier

The modern customer chooses a brand that provides laser-focused personalisation, speed, and consistency of delivery. These can only be achieved if the customer becomes  the centre of your business. We call this a Customer First approach. However, a transformation to a Customer First organisation doesn’t come easy. Helping companies to transform to a Customer First organisation, we will guide you through this process.


  • What is the Customer First approach?
  • How do companies transform into a Customer First organisation?
  • What challenges do they have to overcome to achieve this goal?