Upcoming Virtual Think Tank for CX BFSI

How Technology Can Help Your Organisation Adapt To Changing Customer Expectations And Still Continue To Deliver Customer Communication Excellence

Thursday July 9th 2020 | 1pm-2pm BST | 100% Online 

Sponsored by Smart Communications and Vlocity


As customers seek to have their issues quickly resolved, how is your business adapting in these uncertain times to ensure that you are delivering a unified experience that can offer the customer a seamless journey towards service excellence. In this 60-minute Virtual Think Tank, like minded peers will explore how AI, automation and ultra-personalisation can deliver a highly memorable experience and bring efficiencies to your business despite disruptions to existing processes, including:

  • How customer expectations have been altered recently – what is temporary and what is permanent?
  • The changing nature of preferred channels amongst customers and ensuring you have the infrastructure to support these changes
  • Striking a perfect balance between automation and human interaction throughout the customer journey
  • Utilising advance AI and machine learning to build an effective strategy to respond to queries and better deliver proactive care
  • Building a structured, well-informed argument to secure the investment needed for modernisation of legacy communication processes

For further information on how to get involved, get in touch info@exchangeevents.co.uk


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To get involved, email info@exchangeevents.co.uk