Are You Digitally Equipped To Communicate With Your Customers In Drastic Times of Change?

June 25th 1-2pm ET

Sponsored by SmartComms 

The workforce has taken one giant leap into the future with the Covid-19 outbreak. Most companies will, over the past couple of years, have in instalments, digitally transformed their organisations to better meet customer expectations. But what happens when suddenly the premise upon which your digital foundation has been built is challenged by changing circumstances.

In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, step outside of your comfort zone to address how prepared you are for meeting your customer expectations for communicating with you in times of disruption

  • Acknowledging recent and ongoing changes to customer pain points and challenges and drafting an effective strategy for adapting existing processes to suit your expanding communication strategy
  • Revisiting legacy applications and new requirements for ensuring a seamless omni-channel experience for your customers
  • Comprehending changing customer technological behaviours in times of Covid-19, and effectively matching internal systems to meet new needs through external partnerships

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