Past Virtual Think Tanks

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Virtual Think Tank (Topic 1)

Executing a Winning Omnichannel Strategy That Can Withstand A Crisis

13 October 11:00-12:00 (BST) & 16:00-17:00 (BST)

We are still seeing the developing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies across industry have experienced disruption, working with reduced resources, a divided workforce and facilities facing government mandated lockdown. With this, enterprises have had to rapidly respond and transform their omnichannel strategy to continue to provide a cohesive and consistent service, despite a lack of resources and services. As industry starts to open back up, and enterprises reflect on the past three months and look ahead towards The Next Normal, this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, will take a step back to assess what you as a customer contact leader can do to equip your company with the best omnichannel strategy for:

  • Perfecting the multi-channel interaction – helping customers switch seamlessly between channels in one interaction
  • Managing customer expectations in times of crisis through constant communication to uphold customer satisfaction
  • Communicating with customers through the channels they want and providing a seamless experience across all channels
  • Democratizing internal solutions by educating and preparing staff for dealing with difficult situations 

Virtual Think Tank (Topic 2)

Trends Shaping The Future Of The Customer Contact: Customer Behaviour Through The Lens of Covid-19

20 October 15:00-16:00 (BST) & 22 October 16:00-17:00 (BST)

In this discussion, attendees come together to discuss the trends driving consumer behaviour and examine what Covid-19 can tell us about the changing customer behaviours. As the customer landscape continues to change with more millennials and gen Z making up large sects of your consumer base, enterprises must ask how to ensure their customer contact strategy is flexible and robust. In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, join together with leaders from across a range of different sectors to ask how customers want to interact with companies, and how you can best deliver that.

  • Examining why customers want an easy life and investigating what your omnichannel strategy needs to look like
  • Explore why we use the channels we use (and which channels are rising and falling in preference)
  • What is the role of chatbots and how can data be leveraged as the new currency in the customer relationship

Virtual Think Tank (Topic 3)

Building A Resilient Internal Communication Strategy To Create New Sustainable Ways of Working

3 November 15:00-16:00 (BST) & 12 November 10:00-11:00 (BST)

At the start of May, we bought together a cross-section of senior leaders to explore the sudden move to work from home, and what this meant for the employee experience and internal communication. Now, three months on, we reflect on how organisations are modifying the ways in which they communicate to suit the new way of working, and the lessons learned along the way to make this shift to remote working beneficial to the enterprise. Remote working offers employees the freedom to create a much better work/life balance, however with great freedom comes great responsibility and the onus is on your employees to manage that freedom responsibly but what can your business be doing to support and encourage your employees through this? In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, join together with leaders from across a range of different sectors to discuss what they’ve learned during this period, and how they are ensuring this new way of working is sustainable and productive, to ensure we don’t go back to the outdated 9 – 5 regimented office environment.

  • Examining how businesses are adapting their internal culture to get the most from remote working Investigating what constitutes a resilient strategy for internal communication
  • Exploring how business can equip their workforce to productively handle their new-found autonomy
  • Assessing how business can take the opportunity to continually push modes of working forwards

Virtual Think Tank (Topic 4)

Coming Back Stronger with a Resilient Digital Workplace Strategy

18 November 15:00-16:00 (BST) & 19 November 10:00-11:00 (BST)

We are all familiar with the ways that today’s work environment creates barriers to efficiency. All of which were made painfully transparent during the initial days of COVID-19 health crisis as many employees attempted to be productive from home. Now, as we’ve all had some experience working from home, and we prepare for the next normal it is time to develop a new paradigm for delivering technology to our workforce – a workforce that will be increasingly dynamic and distributed. In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, we will explore the intelligent digital workspace - a personalized, contextual work environment that is securely accessible anytime, anywhere, and that enables individual workers and teams to operate in agile, flexible work environments with technology as an underlying enabler, not a hindrance.

  • Examining the continuously evolving “next normal” requiring a new level of agility for all organizations
  • Investigating the challenges beyond the Covid-19 pandemic and how an effective digital workspace strategy could be the solution to many of them
  • Building a robust and resilient Digital Workplace strategy for your enterprise

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