What are Virtual Think Tanks (VTT)?

Virtual Think Tanks are live, visual engagement discussion groups where active, relevant, pre-qualified banking, financial services and insurance leaders come together to discuss their greatest challenges in a virtual exchange format through peer-to-peer brainstorming. These can be hosted exclusively by a relevant solution provider, who can assist in overcoming the challenges outlined by the VTT group.

How does a Virtual Think Tank work?

The session will be hosted through an online virtual meeting room, details of which will be attached to a calendar invite in advance of the session for ease of access.

An independent moderator will facilitate the discussion and will work alongside the selected solution provider to generate a set of focused questions ahead of the meeting. These questions will be carefully formulated based on the greatest challenges chosen specifically by the senior delegates in participation. Once the VTTs are complete, the analysis gathered will be used to create industry reports, including all the key takeaways from the interactive discussion; these reports will provide an invaluable source of information to share with our Exchange communities, complementing the value derived from our physical events throughout the year. 

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