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Enhancing flexibility, scalability and enhanced CX through Cloud Based Contact Centre Technology

The global pandemic demonstrated the importance of having a contact center infrastructure in place that could be effectively scaled according to the demands placed on the business.

Those business who were already operating on a cloud platform when the pandemic first struck were in a much stronger position to pivot to remote work, effectively manage the dramatic increase in contact volumes and ensure their staff had the tools necessary to deliver the best customer experience possible.

With that in mind, CX Network Live's Cloud Contact Centres Europe will be focused on:
  • Effectively scaling your contact center according to the contact volumes
  • Minimizing the costs required to run your contact center
  • Incorporating new channels into your omnichannel service strategy
  • Enhancing the resilience and flexibility of your infrastructure

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CX Network Live online events feature expert speakers from leading companies including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, Amazon, Comcast, Pizza Hut, UBS and more!

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Day One: 23rd March 2021

14:00 GMT Defining a Contact Centre for the Future

  • Why flexible, remote-worker centric, cloud-based contact centers have now become so popular 
  • How you can reduce employee costs through greater agent efficiency, and use the savings to reinvest in the contact centre to take your company’s CX to the next level
  • Using insight-driven marketing and self-service automation technologies help attract potential customers to business

15:00 GMT Meeting Customer Demands in the New Normal with Greater Flexibility and Agility
  • How going cloud-based can enable companies to deliver a fast, personalised service, across any channel any time – which they may not be able to deliver otherwise
  • Discover how KPI-rich dashboards and reports can enable continuous contact centre performance improvement and communicate success to business leaders
  • By closing more inbound and outbound leads, how cloud-based operations can help companies to grow, improve customer retention, increase upsell and turn them into advocates

16:00 GMT  Reaping the Advantages of In-Built Scalability in Contact Centre Systems
  • Learnings, cost savings and efficiencies achieved from 2020, and advantages of continuing to operate contact centre operations largely remotely in the future
  • Why great customer service should integrate all communication channels with interaction history to provide context for every conversation
  • Why agents need to become more effective in their interactions, so that they can sell more and service customers better, and how the cloud can help

17:00 GMT Increasing Scalability and Agility of Contact Centre Operations
  • How a cloud-based contact centre can offer sufficient agility to innovate and the power to scale
  • Giving your employees a complete view of your customers in a single space 
  • Streamlining agents day-to-day by leveraging automation, intelligent productivity tools, and integrated telephony

18:00 GMT Equipping Your Staff With Better Customer Data
  • Connecting customer data for complete context, wherever it lives, and giving developers and admins the tools they need to build the best customer experiences
  • Obtaining a complete picture of the customer, using any data, from anywhere
  • Understanding and segmenting customers for more personalised experiences

Day Two: 24th March 2021

14:00 GMT  Strengthening CX Operations and Maximizing Revenues with a Cloud-Based Contact Setting

  • What 2020 has taught us about cloud-based technology and its potential advantages for CX operations in the future
  • Results of cloud operations in action so far, and why it makes perfect sense to roll out cloud initiatives to the rest of their operation
  • Increasing efficiency by enabling customers to get answers quickly and on their own terms with AI-powered bots, self-service, and live chat

15:00 GMT Advocating the Cloud-Based Approach for Future Contact Centre Operations
  • Run mission-critical enterprise application and database workloads with unmatched performance and the strongest SLAs in cloud computing
  • Leverage the latest IaaS offerings, including 25 Gbps networking, the newest GPUs, and NVMe storage
  • Develop cloud-native applications with DevOps tooling and open microservices infrastructure

16:00 GMT Increasing CX Agility to Enable Greater Flexibility and Self-Service
  • Reducing the cost of IT maintenance and upgrades through cloud-based systems
  • Leveraging automation, intelligent productivity tools, and integrated telephony
  • Utilising AI to mitigate higher call volumes & lower staff numbers
  • Discover the trends that indicate what technologies, infrastructure, and services CX leaders need to consider to reform contact centers

17:00 GMT  How to Leverage Cloud Infrastructure to Improve Employee Productivity
  • How companies can improve cost and time savings with a channel-rich environment
  • Benefits of aligning people around a single view of the truth through personalized
  • Putting measures in place to reduce interactions handled by agents, so that they can put more energy into more complex claims
  • Use cases to empower and engage employees with AI-powered scheduling and self-service tools

18:00 GMT  Delivering a Superior CX Experience and Driving Increased Customer Loyalty

  • Detailing recent results from the launch of new Customer Service portal
  • Explore how with digital transformation, companies can deliver a world class customer experience renowned for quality, intimacy and reliability
  • Understand how to support permanent work-from-home plans without compromising the quality and security of contact center operations

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