The concept of chatbots is no longer novel. With the potential to deliver tremendous business value, simple informational chatbots, such as messenger bots used by many large organisations today to connect with their customers on social media, will no longer satisfy the growing demands of customers. A chatbot project, if not managed well, could have a negative impact on branding, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ensure that you don’t go down that route by laying a solid foundation, managing stakeholder expectations well, and dedicating sufficient resources to chatbot optimisation. This can be done by infusing NLP, OCR, voice and multilingual capabilities into virtual chats with your customers and employees, most prominent in digital and mobile banking, insurance, telco, travel and e-commerce industries, among many others.

Gathering practitioners virtually from across Asia and beyond, join us at the Intelligent Chatbots Online Event on 15-18 June 2020 as we showcase best practices in chatbot deployment to maximise sales and marketing opportunities, customer loyalty and enterprise productivity. 

2020 Speakers Include:

Why Attend Intelligent Chatbots 2020 Online Event?

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2 Days of Virtual Networking

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Live Q&A sessions

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Virtual Networking Interaction

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Access to Presentations after the event

Key Themes for Intelligent Chatbots Online Event 2020:

Capturing Business Value and Opportunities through Chatbots  

Optimising Chatbots to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Developing Sustainable and Commercially Viable Chatbot Projects

Enhancing Internal Enterprise Communications, Productivity and Efficiency

Creating Truly Intelligent Chatbots with Cognitive Capabilities

Integrating and Positioning Chatbots as a Strong Pillar of your Digital Marketing Strategy