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Exclusive Interview: The Art of Product Renovation Using Customer Insights

Ahead of CEM in Telecoms Americas 2019 Forum, we talked to Senior Vice President Handset Leasing and Insurance at Sprint, Robert Hackl, about innovative product positioning. He explains how they avoided the enormous risk of creating a new product by reinvigorating an old one. He walks us through how this can be accomplished with clever market positioning and by using customers insights.


CX Market Leaders in Telecoms

With many in telecoms stretching forward to shake off the industry’s bad customer experience reputation, we pause to take a look at key industry trends for 2019 and the innovators in the market. The ebook will dig into exclusive data to map out customer happiness trends within the market using insight from telecoms respondents in CX Network’s research.

World-class customer and employee experience software and research vendor, MaritzCX, presents insight from its study of over 10,000 CX practitioners and outlines the business rewards available from high levels of CX maturity in telecoms.

What you will discover from this report: 

What you will discover from this report:

  •     Key industry trends for 2019 and the innovators in the market
  •     Customer happiness trends within the market using insight from telecoms respondents
  •     Uncovering the real value to customers and influence to customer retention
  •     How companies adopt the carrot and stick approach. Involving incentivising compliance and providing a drawback for going against the change
  •     How Telecoms companies perform with comprehensive CX strategies, and a higher level of CX maturity experience

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CEM in Telecoms Americas - Survey Report 2019

Ahead of CEM in Telecoms America Summit, we conducted an industry-wide survey to gather insights on how CX leaders are developing their seamless omnichannel customer experience. The survey identifies the challenges being faced by CX professionals in the telecoms industry, moving forward in 2019 and beyond. 

Discover what they are focusing on, and what integrated CX solutions companies are looking to apply to build compelling customer journeys.  

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Survey Report: Preparing For The New Era of Customer Experience

A new era of customer experience is emerging in the telecoms industry, one where organisations are required to understand and engage their customers in personalised experiences, deliver on every interaction and utlise technology solutions that put the customer at the heart of the business. 

With insights from 50 telecoms CEM experts, this report explores the industry’s key priorities in Customer Experience Management,which technologies they are planning to invest in over the coming year and which key elements they look for when choosing a solution provider.

CEM in Telecoms - Investment Report

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Investment Report

We are in the age of the customer. The acceleration of technological advancements have made customer experiences faster, more efficient and more memorable – and this has driven a  change in customer behaviours and expectations that breaks through vertical silos. The telecoms industry can no longer just focus on vertical-specific competitors to stay ahead of the market, instead they have to look at retailers, tech start-ups and digital disruptors that are driving the experiences customers demand today. 

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3 practical ways American telcos can improve customer experience

In a recent article, CX Network explored the problems in the North American – and particularly US – telecommunications market when it comes to successful customer experience. There is little doubt that the region is seeing low levels of consumer satisfaction, both in comparison to international counterparts and in comparison to other industries in North America.