June 18 - 19, 2019 | Marriott Marquis Washington, DC, USA

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June 18th-19th, Washington DC, USAKey highlights to be addressed at the conference this year: Increase data liquidity and put data to best use to help you advance customer product and service offeringsEnhance digita ...

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Exclusive Interview: The Art of Product Renovation Using Customer Insights

Ahead of CEM in Telecoms Americas 2019 Forum, we talked to Senior Vice President Handset Leasing and Insurance at Sprint, Robert Hackl, about innovative product positioning. He explains how they avoided the enormous risk of creating a new product by reinvigorating an old one. He walks us through how this...

CX Market Leaders in Telecoms

With many in telecoms stretching forward to shake off the industry’s bad customer experience reputation, we pause to take a look at key industry trends for 2019 and the innovators in the market. The ebook will dig into exclusive data to map out customer happiness trends within the market using...

CEM in Telecoms Americas - Survey Report 2019

Ahead of CEM in Telecoms America Summit, we conducted an industry-wide survey to gather insights on how CX leaders are developing their seamless omnichannel customer experience. The survey identifies the challenges being faced by CX professionals in the telecoms industry, moving forward in 2019 and beyond. Discover what they are...

Survey Report: Preparing For The New Era of Customer Experience

A new era of customer experience is emerging in the telecoms industry, one where organisations are required to understand and engage their customers in personalised experiences, deliver on every interaction and utlise technology solutions that put the customer at the heart of the business. With insights from 50 telecoms CEM...

3 practical ways American telcos can improve customer experience

In a recent article, CX Network explored the problems in the North American – and particularly US – telecommunications market when it comes to successful customer experience. There is little doubt that the region is seeing low levels of consumer satisfaction, both in comparison to international counterparts and in comparison...


Addressing CX Transformation Pitfalls: Insights from Shep Hyken

In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Shep Hyken, Customer Service & Experience Expert, about overcoming the challenges of CX Transformation in the telecoms industry, the dangers of focusing too heavily on the tracking of CX metrics and what is in the technology customer experience toolkit of 2020. 

The Transformation of Customer Contact Centers

With growing digital engagement customers have more appetite to communicate than ever before and customer contact centers have found that demand for engagement is even greaterWe wanted to understand more about how the contact center has evolved over the past few years with the widespread implementation of AI technologies and...

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The 2019 Customer Experience Portfolio: Business Development Pack

Interested in partnering with the CEM in Telecoms Americas? View our 2019 CX Portfolio Business Development Pack, to learn about the sponsorship opportunities we offer, and how CEM Global can improve your ROI.

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CEM in Telecoms: 2019 Investment Report

The survey identifies the challenges being faced by CX professionals in the telecoms industry, moving forward in 2019 and beyond. Discover the upcoming strategies they are focusing on, and the integrated CX solutions, which companies applying to build compelling customer journeys. 

CEM in Telecoms: Attendee List

Meet the following CEM in Telecoms Professionals: Chief Experience OfficerCustomer Experience Lead AmericasCustomer Resolution Team Manager Director Customer SuccessDirector CX Insights & StrategyDirector Market InsightsDirector Process Excellence Director, CX Measurement & InsightDirector, Digital ExperienceDirector, Innovation and CXFrom the following companies: AT&T VerizonT Mobile USSprintTelusRogersUltra MobileVodafone AmericasComcastAmérica MóvilOiTelefonica BrazilTo view the sample attendee list download the...