8 customer journey mapping between design and reality

Download this presentation now by Amin Issa, Office of the Customer, Orange Jordan, to gain insight into the impact of testing on continual improvement and customer journey evolution

3 Customer Experience Challenges in Telecoms

Download this content now and find out how some customer management team has identified some persistent challenges that are halting progress and making life difficult for telecom executives.

The importance of data driven CX

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Market report: Customer experience predictions for 2018

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- A look back: Were 2017 predictions spot on?

- The top predictions for 2018:

  1. Customer expectations will keep on rising
  2. Hyper-personalisation at every touch point
  3. Turning customer data into action
  4. Omni-channel to conquer… at last
  5. Social media as a powerful CX tool
  6. The next level of AI: The hybrid workforce
  7. The rise of the intelligent enterprise

- Predictions from industry experts from Thomas Cook, Danske Bank, Nissan, Virgin Galactic, Hermes and more!

How telecommunications providers can reboot the customer experience

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  • About the telecommunications customer experience landscape
  • How to reset the customer experience for success
  • The key to creating compelling products and services
  • How you can deploy smarter capabilities
  • Recommended actions to become a successful CX company

Your guide to omni-channel support for a seamless CX

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