With providers losing 14% of their customers on average YOY, How can you improve your customer retention? Find out from us at 2019 CEM in Telecoms Europe conference


Mobile operators are losing massive amounts of customers every year as customers easily switch between different suppliers if they are unsatisfied. Latest figures suggest that on average, 14% of customers are lost each year by operators and it is 5x more expensive to recruit a new customers than it is to retain one.

Research has shown that customers actively avoid brands that bombard them with poorly targeted communications as 58% of consumers claim they got irrelevant information and/or at the wrong time. This then leads to the consumer feeling unappreciated and then leaving with 54% of customers claiming they would have stayed if they had felt more appreciated. So how do you reduce churn and retain your customers?

With over 100 million customer interactions, we have found some solutions and are delighted to announce that will be addressing the issue at the 2019 CEM in Telecoms Europe conference taking place 30 September - 02 October, 2019 in Barcelona.

Our Chief Product Officer, Tom Stenuis will be delivering a presentation at the conference on how to tackle the single biggest mistakes in churn management that are driving customers away. He will be diving deep into the best scalable and cost effective solutions such as focusing on the entire customer journey, using mixed media in convenient channels, using data to personalise every communication and then finding a way to automate those channels at scale.

Tom will finally also be giving insights into how Wiraya’s mobile activation software has reduced the average loss of customer by 5% and has helped retained tens of thousands of customers for the providers we have worked with.

If you want to come meet us at the conference and learn how to improve your customer retention, you can use our discount code XXX to get 20% off your pass. To find out more about our involvement at the conference, download the 2019 agenda here

We look forward to networking with you in Barcelona.