Ultimate Customer Journey in Telecoms

Many operators are still behind the curve when it comes to implementing changes in process and culture to achieve better customer satisfaction – establishing an excellent quality of service and engaging customer interaction is key to retaining and growing their customer base.

When committing to your desired telecom service, there is a journey that involves a number of touchpoints, both physically and digitally: Pre-purchase, Post purchase and Purchase. The ultimate goal is to achieve customer loyalty; however you cannot accomplish this without customers becoming aware of the product and service you sell. Once they have considered and researched their desired choice they will eventually look to purchasing the product. 

With this in mind, have you mapped out your customer’s journey? How do you set up a structure, which enables the entire organisation to put the customer first? Should they? There are many sales stages within a customer purchase from the browsing stage to purchase, all the way through to customer complaints management. If customer experience matters to you, then take your findings back to your team to start planning your future customer service now. 

It is essential that you can define your critical touch-points pre and post purchase so that you can refine and polish your customer experience throughout the customer journey.


Consumers browsing for a new product, this is a vital part of the journey. To ensure that you attract your customer’s eye, provide the information, that they are searching for, in one place, do not let them out of your sight. Provide a clear explanation of the price and service plan, deliver a competitive price and make the customer feel welcome and understood.

What strategies do you have in place to retain customer loyalty? Have you considered offering a discounted subscription rate to loyal customers when they are looking to renew their contract? They will easily look elsewhere. Always provide your customer with cost-saving options to avoid the expected. Believe me, people do not like inconvenience, they stick to what they know. If you always look to provide and improve their current plan they may just stick around. 

Post Purchase

After-sales and care support channels are critical, customers need to have smooth access these channels, to guarantee that their queries are solved effectively and efficiently, in addition to this, your staff need to attain a high level of knowledge and training of frontline staff. 


Different seamless multi channels must be implemented to resolve issues, such as both on the phone, online, chatbots, etc. Always provide the customer with regular updates on the status of the problem, to provide them the satisfaction that they are being looked after their query. 

Purchase of the Product 

The importance of great customer experience is unquestioned in the telecoms industry. In light of this, we have put together this printable poster outlining the critical touch-points pre and post purchase so that you can refine and polish your customer experience throughout the customer journey.

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