GEMSEEK @ CEM in Telecoms Europe


We are delighted to announce that Gemseek have partnered with the 2019 CEM in Telecoms Europe conference that is taking place 30 September - 02 October, 2019 in Barcelona and will be hosting a pre conference day workshop and on day 2, they will be delivering a key note presentation. This blog will be highlighting their involvement at the conference and what you can expect at our sessions. 

Workshop Day 

Their first involvement will be a 2 hour workshop where participants will learn how data analytics can unlock multiple opportunities within their voice of the customer programs & co-create solutions tailored to the specifics of their organisation.

In the workshop they will be demonstrating how companies in the Telco sector can use data for a number of benefits. 

Importantly, they will be teaching you how to boost retention & referral-based acquisition through decreasing your churn rate by up to 30% or activating promoters by predicting customer behavior for survey non-responders. 

Improve ARPU, LTV, Cost-to-serve - link the improved NPS or Customer Satisfaction scores with financial results i.e. increase customer lifetime value and decrease the cost to serve

Focus on CX improvements with highest ROI: Forecast the impact of each CX improvement initiative and focus one the best ones.

Unlock the value in transcribed text from call or service centers

Check out the workshop day here: 

Keynote Presentation

On Day 2 of the conference, they will be hosting the key note presentation that will focus on effective customer retention and upsell initiatives through predictive analytics we uthey at GemSeek. The session will be lead by our very own very out Group CEO, Petko Tinchev and our Commercial Research Director, Vesela Nedkova who will be sharing insights into how you can rescue unhappy customers and increase acqusitions thorugh referals and saving you money by reducing your cost-toserve. 

If you want to come meet GemSeek at the conference and learn how to improve your customer retention, you can use their discount code GEMSEEK20 to get 20% off your pass. To find out more about their involvement at the conference, download the 2019 agenda here: 

Be sure to  networking with them in Barcelona.