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CEM in Telecoms Europe: the next step in your customer experience evolution

Are you struggling to build a culture of continuous customer experience improvement across your organisation?
Do you need to digitally transform your organisation to ensure instantaneous, seamless omni-channel experiences across your consumer base?
Would you like to hear how your peers and competitors from across the region have already addressed these challenges and more?

Whether you are your country’s most established provider or a brand new market entrant, benefit from more opportunities to collaborate and innovate than ever. To take the next step in your customer experience evolution, make sure you uncover the secrets behind:

  • How Bouygues Telecom and Proximus have moved from ‘multi’ to ‘omni’ to deliver seamless experiences across all channels via digital transformation and process standardisation
  • How JT Global have moved from ‘CEM programs’ to ‘customer-centricity’ to deliver long-term value for customers via continuous process improvement and enterprise-wide engagement
  • How Orange have moved from ‘data’ to ‘insight’ to predict and meet future customer needs via qualitiative research and behavioural analytics
  • How Kyivstar have moved from ‘customers’ to ‘advocates’ via service personalisation and individualised communication strategies
  • How Telefonica and T-mobile Czech Republic have moved from 'network performance' to 'total service performance' to gain a more holistic picture of potential service problems

Plus, with brand new focus days surrounding digital transformation and network performance, take the chance to engage your IT and technical departments with the latest customer-centric innovations and join forces to deliver a seamless experience for customers.

For further information, why not download your complimentary copy of the conference agenda now?



  • The Power of Personalisation Customer Experience Telecoms: How to Improve the Customer Experience and Reduce ChurnThe Power of Personalisation Customer Experience Telecoms: How to Improve the Customer Experience and Reduce Churn

    Companies who fail to improve their customer experience through personalisation are at risk of higher rates of churn than those who decide to make the long-term commitment to improved customer experience via personalisation. There are many examples of innovation in personalising the customer experience coming through. This article highlights the potential that personalisation has to reduce churn in business and takes a closer look at five examples of personalisation by telecoms operators in Europe.


  • CEM at TeliaSonera
    Download Anna Cygnaeus' presentation delivered at CEM in Telecoms Europe Summit 2015 for your insight into:
    • Framework for winning in 2018
    • The start of TeliaSonera transformation journey
    • The value of understanding the value
    • and more!


  • CEM for Product DevelopmentCEM for Product Development
    Take a sneak peek at Vodafone's Sandra Sommerkon, Product Experience Design, Vodafone Germany presentation at the Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Europe Summit 2015 for an insight into company's 'Product Development Design' framework.

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