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CEM in Telecoms B2B: Building the foundations for growth

Are you struggling to transform your enterprise division to increase efficiency and long-term client satisfaction?
Do you need to know how to build credibility in your services to stave off the traditional IT vendor competition?
Do you find that most telecoms CEM conferences are too consumer-heavy to really get to the bottom of these challenges?

The B2B stream provides your one and only opportunity to mix with your peers exclusively in the B2B sector and discuss how the telecoms industry can truly win over the business market. Determine how to simplify and cost-effectively deliver the products and services your clients really want, and ensure you build the foundations for long-term client satisfaction and spending  across each of the small, medium and large enterprise segments.

Don’t miss this unrivalled benchmarking and learning opportunity to uncover the secrets behind:

  • How Telefonica developed their global customer experience strategy for the multinational corporation market and are using it as a blueprint for the full enterprise segment
  • How eir Business are digitally transforming their enterprise sales and service platforms to give their clients more visibility into their operations and built long-term trust
  • How Omnitel have ensured a seamless transition and end-user experience during the merger of the TEO and Omnitel client bases to ensure sustainable segment growth

And so much more!

Plus, with brand new focus days surrounding digital transformation and network performance, take the chance to engage your IT and technical departments with the latest customer-centric innovations and join forces to deliver a seamless experience for customers.

For further information, why not download your complimentary copy of the conference agenda now?


  • Seven steps to a successful telecoms B2B customer experience programmeSeven steps to a successful telecoms B2B customer experience programme
    Customer Experience study finds that customer experience will be the most important business strategy among B2B companies in 2020.

    While telecom operators have been focused on CEM for B2C customers, the importance of the B2B customer in the CEM strategy appears to be coming under the spotlight more and more. But how do their needs differentiate from the B2C sector and what steps can carriers implement to design a B2B-specific customer centric experience?

    Telecoms IQ looks at 7 steps telecom operators can take to develop strategies specific to CEM in Telecoms B2B.



  • Understand how du customer experience in the B2B market and determining how to incorporate this into your overall CEM strategyUnderstand how du customer experience in the B2B market and determining how to incorporate this into your overall CEM strategy
    Learn from du how to:

    • Understand and identify customer experience
    expectations from business customers
    • Establishing how to handle the increased expectations of B2B
    relationships as your business customers demand the same
    experience as the get in their consumer relationships
    • Understand how to build a B2B CEM orientated mind-set
    across your business
    • Examine how to break down B2B and B2C marketing silos to
    ensure knowledge and skill sets are shared between functions

  • Retention in TDC BusinessRetention in TDC Business
    Download Hans Mølby Steffens, Head of Customer retention & Projects at TDC Group presentation at the Customer Experience Management B2B Summit 2015
    • How to improve customer satisfaction with SMB customers who just want a low price…
    • Insight from the retention journey in TDC Business
    • A journey that continuously causes headache – but also results!

  • Customer Experience Excellence: presentation by Jurgen RaithCustomer Experience Excellence: presentation by Jurgen Raith
    Download Jürgen Raith, Director Operations Enterprise, Vodafone presentation to find out company's view on:
    • Enterprise Customer Trends 2020
    • Vodafone CX
    • The first B2B CX solutions developed by Vodafone

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