Customer Contact Week Europe Highlights

CCW Europe isn't just another conference...

LARGEST: Europe’s flagship representation of the world’s largest customer contact event series;

LONGEST: 21 years providing insights for global customer contact community;

SENIORITY: Europe's ONLY large leadership summit for customer contact strategists;

PRACTICAL: A true PEER-LED benchmarking event housing 100+ practitioner speakers, jam packed with best practices to help you shape your strategies and culture;

DISRUPTIVE: Learn from the most experienced and the most innovative: A well balanced speaker faculty from both big brands and disruptors;

PERSONALISED: Story telling instead of theories: Unlock the key to better customer experience through powerful and personalised stories;

RECOGNISED: Participate in the CCW Europe leadership awards and get recognised for your excellent work;

COMPREHENSIVE: The most comprehensive agenda dissecting specific customer contact challenges into all key industries;

UNFORGETTABLE: An unforgettable platform you simply won’t find anywhere else!