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At The Push of a Button: Why Organisations Need Messaging For Evolving Customer Expectations ft. Abinash Tripathy, Helpshift

As the Founder and CEO of Helpshift, Abinash Tripathy discusses evolving customer expectations and shares insight into how businesses can prepare for the future of customer contact. 

How to Introduce a Personalised Service Experience ft. Deutsche Telekom

Onno Hoffmann and Dominik Bauersch of Deutsche Telekom, share three actionable tips for successfully introducing a personalised digital service experience into your customer contact centre.

5 Reasons to Introduce Chatbots to Your CX Strategy ft. Vodafone

We explore some of the key benefits of introducing chatbots to your customer service experience alongside some of insight shared by Kevin Knowles, Vodafone.

Insights from Customer Contact Experts ft. CCW Europe Speakers


We explore a the key points and actionable takeaways gained from our interviews with CCW Europe's speakers in the lead up to this year's event.

Shortlist Announcement for CCW Europe Excellence Awards

CCW Europe is delighted to announce the shortlist for the CCW Europe Excellence Awards! Read on to discover who made the cut...

Here Are the Top 10 Reasons to Attend CCW Europe

As the kick-off date of the European flagship for the world’s leading customer contact event series nears, we outline the top 10 reasons why you should take the leap to join your peers at CCW Europe.

Are you Ready for Smart Speakers? ft. Maarten Dings, CX Company

Maarten Dings, Creative Technologist at CX Company, guides you through the latest developments and provides guidance for identifying how your business should approach its smart speaker strategy.

Fostering Customer-Focused Change ft. Claudia Belardo, SAP Concur

Claudia Belardo is the Director of International Customer Experience, SAP Concur. Here she shares insight into how the company is working to improve the customer success journey.

Optimising Emotional Intelligence ft. Martin-Hill Wilson, Brainfood Extra

Martin Hill-Wilson is a Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist as well as the founder of Brainfood Extra. Here, he discusses the importance of creating an emotive customer experience.

Catering to the Customer of Tomorrow ft. Dr. Nicola Millard, BT

Dr. Nicola Millard is the head of Customer Insights and Future at BT. Here, Nicola shares some insight into her passion for customer contact and her involvement in the event.

Rules for Customer Experience 'Rockstars' ft. James Dodkins

James Dodkins is a ‘Customer Experience Rockstar’. We ask him some question about his passion for customer contact and his involvement in Customer Contact Week Europe.

Here's What You Need to Know About the CCW Excellence Awards

The first ever CCW Excellence Awards is now accepting applications! It's time to put yourself forward and get the recognition that you deserve.

Driving Employee Engagement in Customer Contact ft. Petra Mengelt, Mash Group Plc

Petra Mengelt is the Head of B2B Business Relations for Mash Group Plc, here we speak to her about her work in customer contact and involvement in CCW Europe.

What does the launch of Google’s CallJoy Mean for Customer Service in 2019?

Google has made automated customer contact technology an affordable option for small business owners, what can larger organisations learn from this?

3 Tips for Driving More Human Interactions In Your Customer Contact Centre Ft. Audible

With insight from Audible UK's Customer Service Country Manager, we share three actionable tips for making natural, humanistic interactions a reality in your customer contact organisation.

Why & How to Create A Culture Of Inclusion In Your Customer Contact Centre

We explore the role of D&I in the world of customer contact and demonstrate how your biggest asset—your people—can set your business apart from the competition.

CX meets UX: Uber Eats updates its app design to deliver a better customer experience

Uber Eats’ Global Head of Product Design, Andy Szybalski shares how the design team has been ‘inspired' by user feedback to transform the company’s mobile application. We explore the three key takeaways from the announcement.

What can we learn from Amazon’s 3,000 vacancy customer service hiring spree?

As the world’s most successful companies, much can be learnt from Amazon's approach to business and customer service. We explore what Amazon’s move to create 3,000 CX opportunities can tell us about customer service in 2019