Chris Carmichael

Innovation Lab Manager TUI Destination Experiences

Chris has been working in travel since 1991 and online travel since 1997, focusing on mobile since 2004, and leading innovation since 2006. During that time he has delivered many customer focussed products for British Airways and TUI. In TUI, Chris leads the Innovation Lab for the Destination Experiences Division, and with a focus on guest experience he is driving digital innovation to deliver a better holiday experience for over 20 million people a year. 

Main Conference Day Two - 28th October

Sunday, April 10th, 2022

11:00 AM Panel Discussion: Driving digital experience acceleration through NLP, AI and mixed reality in light of COVID-19 outbreak

There’s no doubt that companies will push even more aggressively of their digital transformation especially digital services agenda after COVID-19 outbreak as they have now seen the importance of connectivity, mobility and self-service for both their employees and customers. Yet the question remains where you should invest to gain the most ROI. This panel will invite some of the most experienced business leaders who have pioneered into these technologies and help you uncover the business potential, implementation challenges and ROI for them.

·        Demystifying NPL, AI, Conversational AI and their implementation potentials and challenges in CX

·        Is Conversational AI the future of CX?

·        How can Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation support each other to transform the way we deliver CX

·        In light of COVID-19 outbreak, will augmented reality and mixed reality finally gain a strong foothold in CX?

·        What are the other digital transformation initiatives that will provide exceptional ROI for your customer experience?

Panel members include: 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chris.

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