Main Conference Day Two - 28th October

Digital Transformation

10:00 am - 10:30 am Deliver your global customer ambition and digital agenda through outsourcing, vendor governance model and relationship management
Konstantinos Fineskos - Global Head of Customer Service Centers, Philip Morris International

Kostas manages their customer service through 3 global vendors across 14 sites, housing 3,500 seats. It requires a solid governance model to balance efficiency, effectiveness, control and ultimate customer experience. Join this case study to learn best practices on implementing your global customer service strategies in a 100% outsourced environment:

·        Designing the customer strategy and implementing it across multiple sites around the world with high quality and standardisation

·        Developing an effective vendor governance framework to balance control, capability and performance

·        Driving your digital agenda with outsourced vendors: Moving from voice channels to digital channels to reduce call volume and improve high-value interactions


Konstantinos Fineskos

Global Head of Customer Service Centers
Philip Morris International

CX & Employee Experience Strategies

10:00 am - 10:30 am Keynote Finding your Customer Experience North Star: A systematic approach in creating holistic customer and employee engagement strategies

·        Setting your customer experience north star: Why and how?

·        Systemise customer experience and making it part of the fabric of your business 

·        Driving customer experience through cultural, CX and performance transformation

·        Building teams and enabling key capabilities to support your customer experience North Star! 

Digital Transformation

10:30 am - 11:00 am Case Study: Achieving customer excellence through AI and a customer centric culture

·        Utilising customer data in addition to the traditional customer segmentation, customer journey mapping tools

·        Service excellence delivered by people and AI together

·        Designing roles and interfaces between human and machine

CX & Employee Experience Strategies

10:30 am - 11:00 am Boosting productivity and CS with gamification

·        An innovative approach to overcome challenges with absenteeism & productivity

·        Applying the mechanisms that make games addictive and exciting to work

Transforming engagement almost overnight quickly and sustainably 

Digital Transformation

11:00 am - 11:30 am Panel Discussion: Driving digital experience acceleration through NLP, AI and mixed reality in light of COVID-19 outbreak
Peter Halsor - Former Chief Customer Experience Officer, Riyad Bank
Chris Carmichael - Innovation Lab Manager, TUI Destination Experiences

There’s no doubt that companies will push even more aggressively of their digital transformation especially digital services agenda after COVID-19 outbreak as they have now seen the importance of connectivity, mobility and self-service for both their employees and customers. Yet the question remains where you should invest to gain the most ROI. This panel will invite some of the most experienced business leaders who have pioneered into these technologies and help you uncover the business potential, implementation challenges and ROI for them.

·        Demystifying NPL, AI, Conversational AI and their implementation potentials and challenges in CX

·        Is Conversational AI the future of CX?

·        How can Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation support each other to transform the way we deliver CX

·        In light of COVID-19 outbreak, will augmented reality and mixed reality finally gain a strong foothold in CX?

·        What are the other digital transformation initiatives that will provide exceptional ROI for your customer experience?

Panel members include: 


Peter Halsor

Former Chief Customer Experience Officer
Riyad Bank


Chris Carmichael

Innovation Lab Manager
TUI Destination Experiences

CX & Employee Experience Strategies

11:00 am - 11:30 am Leveraging service design, gamification and business metrics to deliver customer experience transformation
Balazs Szabo - Head of Customer Experience and Digital Development, E.ON

There is no silver bullet to transformation. In the past 4 years, E.ON have developed and executed a unique and highly successful strategy and roadmap to drive their customer experience transformation. In this session, Balazs will share their comprehensive approach, step by step execution and lesson learned to provide guidance for those who are on the same journey.

·        Redesign your customer experience with service design

·        Driving customer centricity by developing a customer culture across the organisation

·        Combining service design, gamification, NPS and key business metrics to develop your comprehensive transformation toolbox

·        Developing and driving the digital customer service agenda


Balazs Szabo

Head of Customer Experience and Digital Development

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Virtual Demo Drives Sessions

Many CX and customer contact innovations are developed and driven by solution and technology providers. This is a specially designed session where you can hear short and snappy introductions on what the solution providers are innovating and how their offerings might be able to help with your transformation journey.

Build your vendor insights through the short and sharp 5min virtual demo drive sessions! You can choose any exhibitor from the Virtual EXPO Hall to start listen to their key capabilities. It is only 5 minutes of course feel free to book a meeting with them if you would like to understand more! Collect a virtual stamp from all exhibitors to join the prize draw to win prizes!

Digital Transformation

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Leaping towards the future of customer contact through automation, chatbot and omni-channel capabilities

·        transforming the customer experience across all channels by scaling-up chatbots, automation and contact prediction globally

·        Experiences and lessons learned for adopting chatbot

·        What are the key lessons learned during scale up and global implementation?

CX & Employee Experience Strategies

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Case Study: Putting things right: Building authentic leadership and a proactive culture for customer and business turnaround

Chris Thewlis - Chief Operating Officer, nPower

Chris will share npower’s powerful turnaround transformation focusing on:

·        Building a culture and a service for pro-active customer support

·        Building a vision narrative and providing the whole honest truth

·        Making difficult decisions yet not losing trust

·        The power of doing small things right


Chris Thewlis

Chief Operating Officer

Digital Transformation

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Learning from the digital natives: Harness automation, data and AI technologies to deliver customer satisfaction
Patrick Houbrigts - Global Customer Service Strategic Projects Director,

·        Developing your service model strategy assisted by technologies

·        How to best leverage data within the AI environment to enhance customer service

·        Buy or build? Exploring different options when developing digital capabilities


Patrick Houbrigts

Global Customer Service Strategic Projects Director

CX & Employee Experience Strategies

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Empathy & Emotional Intelligence: Key ingredients in the post COVID-19 customer operations success

If there were one thing that would last through the pandemic-stricken world it would be empathy & emotive connection with employees and customers. An expert in this area, Martin will provide proven method to help you achieve both.

·        Establishing the understanding that winning and increasing the value of customers and employees have many crossover point

·        The scientific perspective of why customers experience good or bad experience

·        Winning customer and employee loyalty through moments of truth

Digital Transformation

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Case study: Launching Speech Analytics at scale to draw precise customer insights for proactive and predictive analytics
Stefanie Wallau-Drügh - Head of Customer Insights and Tools, Deutsche Telekom

A true pioneer in digital transformation, Deutsche Telekom has been sharing their Automation, Bot and social service throughout the years at the CCW stages. This year, Mareike and Stefanie will bring us along their recent journey of implementing speech analytics for 60million calls and how they are leveraging that to drive more accurate customer insights. You will learn:

How to prepare the teams for implementing speech analytics at different stages

How to drive the most accurate and useful customer insights through speech analytics

How to optimise the customer service processes and improve quality and customer experience through speech analytics 


Stefanie Wallau-Drügh

Head of Customer Insights and Tools
Deutsche Telekom

CX & Employee Experience Strategies

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Case Study: Deliver a high performance culture at difficult times by focusing on people & process
Ramón Delima - Vice President; Managing Director, Air France - KLM; Cygnific

·        Implementing lean six sigma at the contact centres to transform performance

·        Develop a high performance and people focused culture to get through tough times

·        A people focused approach at Cyngific


Ramón Delima

Vice President; Managing Director
Air France - KLM; Cygnific

3:00 pm - 3:00 pm End of the day