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3:00 pm - 4:30 pm IDG H: Scale your business operations to support customers across multiple regions and languages

Edmund Ovington - VP of Global Alliances, Unbabel
Amy Goldy - VP, Conentrix

One of the biggest challenges companies face when scaling their business operations is the need to act as a local player while operating globally. In this interactive discussion, we’ll hear from Edmund Ovington, VP of global alliances at Unbabel, and Amy Goldy, VP of account management at Concentrix, on how leading companies are supporting their customers globally across different languages and cultural barriers.

Join this session to learn how:

·        AI has improved our work for higherenterprise efficiency and growth

·        Hybrid models with AI and humans can help you scale your business operations and adapt for better customer experiences

·        CS agents can provide multilingual support without spending company resources on learning new languages How to manage your team to best utilize your CS agents focusing on knowledge and skills, not language


Edmund Ovington

VP of Global Alliances


Amy Goldy