How to build a CX program and transform your business

Part One

CX Network

Customer experience management

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Customer experience

In a time where customer experience separates the winners from the losers in many markets, CX must be more of a priority for ALL businesses.

According to recent research, 89% of customers left a company following a poor customer experience and began doing business with a competitor.

For years, companies championed NPS surveys, CSAT scores, web feedback, and other sources of data as the drivers of “customer experience” - however, these singular sources of data don’t give a true, comprehensive view of how customers feel, think, and act.

As the first in a two part series, this whitepaper provides a step-by-step guide for building a sustainable foundation for customer experience programs that will transform your business.

Access this 21 page whitepaper for practical insights on:

  • How most businesses organize, manage, and carry out their customer experiences
  • The dangerous process inefficiencies that can lead to serious problems across the customer experience and permanent financial losses
  • How to combat the conflicting priorities that complicate delivering the perfect customer experience
  • Protecting your clients from falling into the customer experience abyss’
  • Achieving advocacy with employees and customers
  • Establishing programme leaders that create a unified view of the voice of the customer
  • The governance structures that lead to the best CX success
  • Big insights – how to manage customer data so that it is useful
  • How to find out what your customers are not mentioning
  • Coordinating the various business functions and their stakeholders including digital, brand, strategy, UX, retail, design, pricing, membership, logistics, marketing, and customer service

Access part two of this series

Tune in for the upcoming webinar Building A Results Driven Customer Experience Program, and get free access to the second part of this whitepaper series.