Three reasons CX programs fail to deliver measurable results

Discover how to overcome three of the biggest obstacles to driving real change within customer experience.

This webinar will take place on:
August 05, 2020
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM CDT

Showing at 11am Pacific time

Over the last two years most companies have invested heavily into CX programs and teams. However, very few have managed to generate measurable business impacts. This  is a cause for concern. As noted in Forrester’s 2020 predictions, “CX leaders who can’t prove their value to the business will find themselves on the street.”

Back in 2016, Christopher Stark launched the VoC Program at Nike. Since then the brand has generated millions in business improvements directly attributable to the insights uncovered by that team.

Join Chris (now the VP of solutions engineering at Topbox) for a live webinar to discover how to overcome three of the biggest obstacles to driving real change within customer experience. Attendees will gain practical strategies on measuring and communicating the business outcomes achieved by CX programs.

Attend this live webinar to access:  

  • Insight on the three biggest obstacles to driving real change with CX insights
  • Strategies for connecting CX insights to measurable business outcomes
  • Tips on how to institutionalize a CX program within your organization
  • Instant expertise on your organisation's most important CX questions and pain points within the live Q&A section


Christopher Stark
VP of Solutions Engineering

Christopher Stark is the Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Topbox. Stark, who was previously a customer experience Director with Nike, leads the company’s Solutions Engineering group with a clear mandate for growth and customer experience innovation. His unique expertise building a customer experience program and implementing Topbox at one of the world’s largest retail giants is invaluable in understanding configuration and time-to-value for onboarding new clients.

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